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  1. [quote user="1st Wizard"] [quote user="blahblahblah"] Sharp will probably go to Wolves.  You know that, I know that, the whole of Wolverhampton and Norwich knows it.  [/quote] This has been my point all along in other posts BBB, glad you realise it..............at last. Smudger has hit a raw nerve here with some posters who are loathe to admit that he might have been right all along. I''m 100% behind him. [/quote] Wiz , Why did you only use part of the post?  You know that the next bit made it a more balanced veiw so why ignore it? I will remind you what it says, Sharp''s mate and ex strike partener is at wolves. I can not believe you deliberatley left it out to make an unbalanced or biased quote to cause mischief , (you didn''t did you?)
  2. [quote user="yella fella"]whoever arranged this should be shot, talk about taking the proverbial.  of all the teams we could bring here they go and choose a team with a couple of our most recent ex players who didn''t leave on the best of terms with the supporters. a team who we should have been playing in the championship next season at that. [/quote]  Green left with the best wishes of most people I know. he did not leave on a free, he did not slag off the club or the supporters so what is the problem?
  3. [quote user="Arthur Whittle"]  25000 loyal fans are being hoodwinked into watching mediocre football with Delia''s comments and promisers about how she and the board are trying to take the club forward.   l.[/quote]  Do you really think that "25,000" loayal fans are so lacking in inteligence that they are ALL being hoodwinked ?
  4. [quote user="jas the barclay king"][quote user="Pieman"]Is it just me who''s getting REALLY bored of all this whinging and sniping??[/quote] yes jas :) [/quote] No I am fed up to the back teeth with the constant boring slating of the board. For gods sake pleae stop it!!! ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!
  5. [quote user="Old Shuck"]The Turner''s aren''t going to come on board and start throwing £££ about, demanding and encouraging change here, there, and everywhere. Andrew Turner said yesterday that the £2 Million that they have already put in was to help the club "immediately"-it wasn''t, and isn''t, IMHO, the beginning and the end of their financial investment. They will want to settle in, get to know how the club is ran, get to know the people who work at the club and generally assess their investment and decide where, ultimately, they see it going. Have no fear, they will be the long term owners of Norwich City. I think Delia and Michael, as much as they love Norwich, know that they can''t go on forever, and, with Andrew and Sharon Turner, they have finally found the people who they see, ultimately, as their ''heirs''. Interesting that Barry Skipper is now the life VICE President-does that leave a little niche, eventually, for Delia and Michael to be joint and life Presidents of NCFC? The Turners have built up a hugely successful financial company-to do that today, you need to be hard nosed, ruthless, and not suffer fools gladly-they will bring that to the club and they won''t want their investment to suffer because of poor management. PG will get his chance and deserves next season, but, if he fails to perform in their eyes, they''ll put pressure on to replace him, have no fear of that-the old fashioned manager "love in''s" that surrounded Worthy in his last months won''t be so evident next time around We will prevail and I am convinced that they are going to be good for our club. The financial input and potential is, of course, enticing enough, but, just as valuable is the experience, expertise, and business knowledge that got them to where they are now and which they will apply here as well. [/quote]  Spot on that man!!
  6. oh for god''s sake!  You have to be joking, right? Grant has had very little time to get it sorted and IMO he is going in the right direction. BUT, wether he is or not you can not keep changing the manager just because the one you have has not waved a "Magic wand" and fixed it all in an instant. In the real world it takes time and some people on this board will not allow ANY manager to have time. Alan curbishly did not fix Charlton over night it took several years. So if he was given time and support by the Charlton board then so must the City board give their choice the time AND support to do the job they have employed him to do. By the way the Charlton fans were patient MOST of the time as well!!
  7. Ryan Jarvis has finally figured out where the goal is, all be it at a lower level. Still, it will be good experience for him!!
  8. Sunday People says we are going to offer 250K for young danny!  Would probably be a good move IMO as he would be popular and can score goals. BUT would he come back?
  9. [quote user="Sons of Boadicea"]As unhappy as I am with the current state of affairs sacking Grant is not the answer imho. Whatever way you cut it Grant has his hands tied because our squad has been allowed to become amongst the smallest in the Championship. If you read between the lines of his post Plymouth comments it is abundantly clear that a number of "under achievers" would have been shown the door if PG had a bigger squad/ the financial backing to undertake a wholesale clear out. I suspect we will see a "one in/one out" policy over the next couple of transfer windows. I would guess that PG would love to play some of the youngsters but he knows now is not an ideal time. The mismanagement of the NCFC board has got us into this mess and it is down to them to get us out of it by showing some bravery and ambition by backing thier man with hard cash. [/quote] What a good sensible post!!  I agree whole heartedly with you BUT will the board stand up for their man and BACK him??  We await the answer!!
  10. I saw him in a live (Sky) match a while back. IF my memory serves me right he was pretty good that day, might even have been man of the match. Still it was only one game!!!
  11. [quote user="Smudger"]Sorry carpio.... me confusing him with Warren Feeney me thinks!!![/quote]  thats ok, we are all getting a bit twitchy waiting for the 7th cavalry to appear this month!!  I just wish some clubs would stop paying over the odds for average players and give us a chance!!
  12. don''t tell me!!  Its the boards fault (Not willing to spend), the managers fault (telling the world we were interested but not doing anything about it)  the teams fault (not playing well enough to encourage others to come here) or the fan''s fault for constantly moaning!!  There that should just about cover all the bases!
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