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  1. Long shot anyone want to swap home ticket v Ipswich for sold out concert Paloma faith @high lodge Theford on 4th july!
  2. please ensure you purchase your new flame retadent shirt from the club shop before the game against Preston anyone found not wearing these have there old one confiscated what a lot of total utter b******s ,that unofficial flags cant be taken into the ground NCFC you are killjoys !!
  3. www.eurosouvenirs.net green yellow check £4.99 ea PLUS P AND P got mine today only ordered them yesterday
  4. dean coney rebound off the keeper his only ever goal norwich!!!!!!!!!! no to be serious mcveigh''s header against wolves
  5. why no ballot for tickets for watford from the experience of palace you would have though a ballot was in order i for one have lost out due to waiting to get paid which normally happens at the end of the month i have 13 away stubs for this season also im a season ticket holder but have lost out to part time supporters no doubt anyone else in the same boat
  6. please contact keithy37@hotmail.com if anyone has one availible
  7. im know im going to get slated for this but what the hell darren bent would be a excelent addition to the side i believe hes just a good a ball winner as iwan and has a turn of pace as well
  8. excelent post a1 so good i had to read it twice i put it down to jelousy all the managers getting ar**y cos they cant compete with our little Norfolk club and as for hucks i believe hes a fair player the bloke travel at such lightning pace,if yer get in his way hes going to go over ,poor chap just cant slow down
  9. anyone know where its gone will it be played for saturday or has it been thrown it the skip !!
  10. try this it worked quiet well on my daughter lotus green top when its just out the wash,rub a damp hand across the logo you have to do it firmly though,tend to get all the dirty particals of as well
  11. if anyone has a spare please let me know text 07951704822 thanks
  12. got one space left in a mondeo have to share back seat with two young boys £8 for fuel if your interested
  13. first game is west ham on the 21st of feb i beleive there selling tickets now
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