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  1. It's all about Derby and Leeds on BBC and Sky
  2. As long as we beat Blackburn then we'll only need a draw at Villa
  3. **** you Dirty Leeds, enjoy your stay in the championship
  4. At the moment 1 point for promotion and 4 for title
  5. Hopefully beating Blackburn will be enough. Need Villa to beat Leeds
  6. We don't want to go to Villa needing a win, if they can beat Leeds that be a big bonus. I don't think Stoke will play like that against Sheff U
  7. Ipswich will lay down against Sheff U and Leeds. The last thing they'll want is us going up. If Villa beat Leeds we'll only need 4 points to get promoted
  8. Can see Pukki getting hacked down in box and being booked for diving
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