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  1. IF we go down, WILL there be a big sell off and leave us again having to rebuild - personally I can see many of our young talent going -big money , offers will be too much for the board to turn away- and little being spent on the rebuild
  2. baldy09

    If we go down -

    I agree with so many people comments on here , but another question could be asked -will Farke have the same determination and fight to start all over again also a good offer from another club may see him leave because of lack of funding
  3. baldy09

    Match thread - Newcastle

    I personally think there will be a massive clear out the colour of money will be too much for the board to turn away from
  4. baldy09

    Match thread - Newcastle

    Are the fans losing faith with Farke
  5. baldy09

    Match thread - Newcastle

    Not good enough today and its hard to see us surviving in this league and to be honest when we go down there will be a massive sell out
  6. Here's old moaning Baldy boy and loving the negativity comments I receive so here go -WERE GOING DOWN- now moan at that
  7. baldy09

    Leaving early

    Very sad , hoped you stub you toe and waited until the ground staff have left too
  8. baldy09

    Srbeny off?

    Another self righteous idiot who head deep up is dark side
  9. baldy09

    Delia, Webber & Farke Out

    I love reading some of these posts written on here - its better than any comic- the idiots and self righteous on here make me laugh until my belly ache
  10. baldy09

    Srbeny off?

    Shame if we do sell our young players just so our bank balance looks good- where the heck do this club think is going, selling the best and buying mediocre players- is this what fans want to see and the prospect of having a mediocre championship team
  11. baldy09

    Going Down

    Of course we going down -cannot win against mediocre teams- so all sing WE DOWN THE PAN AND WE ARE GOING DOWN
  12. baldy09

    The Happy New Year Match Thread

    Down the pan and we are going in down- its the new mantra for city folks
  13. baldy09

    The Happy New Year Match Thread

    CRYSTAL PALACE= only won once during last ten new year day games -so whats the betting we will be the second
  14. DOWN DOWN we go even those with head in the sand can see it coming
  15. Trouble is -that's its not the late subs -we are simply not good enough to compete a whole 90 minutes-
  16. baldy09

    Norwich v Wolves

    Down we go and we sliding so fast you think its snowing with ice- anyone saying different has there head in the sand or should I say snow
  17. baldy09

    Norwich v Wolves

    Look on the positive side -at least we be playing Ipswich next season
  18. baldy09

    Norwich v Wolves

    Maybe relegated by the end of January -what what I say
  19. baldy09

    Norwich v Wolves

    Why cannot city hold onto a lead- seems like we just turn off. shame we are going forever downwards
  20. baldy09

    Leicester match day thread

    Love to wind idiots up -well Nuff said are going to lose by a cricket score today
  21. Never mind spending money if we go down we will be selling
  22. baldy09

    Do you think we will stay up?

    Do I think we stay up and all I got to say is WE DOWN THE PAN AND WE GOING DOWN, at least we have the old firm derby match to look forward to
  23. Going to be a very short stay in this division -so got to enjoy it while it last
  24. baldy09

    Match Thread v Brighton

    GOING DOWN we are just not up to the mark