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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/59213173 Bashing football clubs for flying to get to Carrow Road.....perhaps the FA should look at having 18 clubs in the EPL - 9 in Liverpool/Manchester conurbation and the other 9 in London. Roll-on HS2
  2. I was at Lewes for the normally Partisan even Tribal event…. Struck me that this 200 year tradition would have sent the tree hugging academics currently residing (they flew in by plane) in wee culture capital Glasgae apoplectic … I think it was about 2.5 tonnes of gunpowder and at least one bonfire was household and industrial waste ignited by 50 gallons of kerosene. one effigy was the missing Prez Xi
  3. Carry on with the same strategy and expect a different outcome…. Make a f&cking change Farke!!! No!! Needs a complete reset not a tinker
  4. I gave the ‘Trick or Treaters’ an apple each off my tree…. No packaging, no carbon footprint for transportation…. The look of dissatisfaction was a picture. Loving COP26 - expecting a Social Media backlash
  5. Drill for Gas - Germany still using Lignite ffs! Don't buy Chinese goods - still building Coal Fired Piwer Stations (just not in the 3rd World Give an incentive to ensure efficient cars from the 1970’s and 80’s are kept on the road rather than shredded at huge cost and 60% landfill - my old Citroen AX TDi was about 72mpg and ran on cooking oil if needed. Take a shower with someone else - did that, wife not happy
  6. No! We spend a shed load of money on someone with PL experience Eddie Howe or Steve Bruce. If neither keep us up I’m not bothered - as Simone previously said we’d grasp at straws and take a 2% to remain up. Me I’d pay Eddie Howe to give us enough points to not be a EPL disgrace!
  7. Says it all really People get huge ratings in the Echo Chamber of Non-Football and suddenly become ‘experts’ in the running and management of NCFC. Any **** points gained from appreciating or sucking up to the absolute Liberalist drivel on Non- Football should not be transferred to the Football related threads. Enjoy your egocentric love-in. Farke out - yes he can’t cope at Premier level. I’ll take Delia over an Oligarch Happy to be EPL obscurity
  8. Just listen to yourselves…..you don’t want your kids to prosper- you hate anything UK, Meanwhile China building static aircraft carriers in SCS i guess none of you have ever visited HK
  9. Judging by the amount of new threads started by low post count newbies, I smell the stench of bin today. Rightly so, if the tables were turned I’d do the same….. Farke out - Mick McCarthy looks like he needs a job he’d only lost 6 in a row
  10. The continued infiltration of 'peaceful protest' by Hard Left rent-a-mobs will result in the following; Increased surveillance (and in the name of even handedness it will need to include the 99% innocent in order to not offend and affront the 1% of actual subversives) Increased law enforcement presence and more stop and search. Private security firms, private armies. Cameras on every street corner. Vaccine Passports and ID Cards. The introduction of 'Shop a Mate' as a way of controlling activism. Monitoring of the Internet and Mobile Phones by GCHQ. Subversives turning the heat up, bleating we live in a Police State, UK is a racist, polluting, misogynistic sh!T - hole etc etc.... Taking Direct Action on every street until they are forcibly moved, isolated and 'disappeared.' A Hard Right One Party State..... China - excellent example - ironically they produce the most pollution, but of course not much protesting goes on there. Invade somewhere on a wave of Nationalistic Fervour.
  11. So, in order of coolness: 1 Take Five Dave Brubeck - Paul Desmond 2.Baker Street Gerry Raferty - Rafael Ravenscroft 3. Big Girl Body Robert Glasper Experiment- Bilal
  12. Played them in 1976, lost 4-2 in an end of season tour match - skinned by a CF who went on to play for Fulham. 6 immaculate pitches and a club house to die for…. - yup building land now
  13. You **** need to attend a Serbia or Estonia game… I doubt a woman was within a mile of the stadium’s unless she was selling Ice Cream
  14. Imagine in downtown Budapest- that kind of ‘pussyness’..
  15. Jeezus! That happens every 3 o/c kick off in Junior and Intermediate Football every bloody Saturday …. Went down like a sack of sh&t - was expecting at least a missing eye or head. Absolutely boll-x
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