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  1. Some decent matches tomorrow and Thursday on Prime Think it’ll be West Ham Brighton and Arsenal Man U
  2. Donny Hathaways daughter Layla with the usual collaboration with Robert Glasper. It’s just out so the vid is a little naff. Hopefully they will bring their act live to Europe soon !
  3. Yeah, that’s you off me Xmas list! Not my fault I had to move Daarn Saaarf. On leaving school I had the choice of Carrot Breeder or join the ever decreasing LT fishing fleet
  4. Aww! Todd’s in training Even on 15k a week ! Yes obscene - that’s like a hospital porters yearly wage Bimbo - get back to work!
  5. Well Mr Cornwall - all in the public domain…… we’re all sitting here at the bar drinking beer and enjoying the music. No - one is allowed to pick more than one tune before passing the Smart Remote on
  6. Seems daughter has commandeered the remote… Teddy Swims next - embrace !!
  7. Bumper Cars - Alfa Mist The Studio video is exquisite you either Jazz or don’t
  8. Think Yorkshire will be wanting their Compo back......
  9. If you can find it because the record company have endeavoured to remove… Fave Band - Dave Mathews (Band) DMB - Madman’s Eyes Just Smart Phone footage now A breath of fresh air - Led Zep Kashmir and shedloads of other Prog Rock cues https://americansongwriter.com/dave-matthews-band-debuts-new-song-madmans-eyes-live/
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