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  1. Luckily Farage on his side… freedom the most important thing
  2. OK don’t - not bothered either way. From a point of view of having an asset rotting, rather than using it and all the associated green’ implications. Should’ve been levelled and turned into Refugee Housing I would guess.
  3. British football fans love watching free football, when, from an independent point of view, a giant-killing point of view, Hull hold Everton to 2-2 at full time. Lineaker - ‘should be penalties now’ Toszer!
  4. With a Stadium like that, I wish we were Hull…
  5. You need to find the site on the Internet that shows you what happened to various Ex-Olympic Stadia around the world.
  6. As with H5N1 - which I managed to catch in 2006, its not the virus, its the Pneumonia or even the Pleurisy that follows. Then the secondary infections take hold. A full record of Jabs and boosters is the only way forward.
  7. Ah the filthy rich Chinese corrupt owner rescinds his 80% ownership and accepts a feeble offer of £112m from an equally corrupt Serbian media mogul - lol! The Prem is Dead! Looking forward to another great season in the EFL Championship.
  8. After the troughing, bent ‘as a Nine Bob Note’, MP sleaze scandal, defensive Sir (wtff!) John Major (The Grey One) - I finally voted Labour….. Three years later Bliar had taken my guns away, accepted the Lisbon Accord without referring it to Parliament or a Referendum and accepted that there would be an influx of Eastern Europeans due to Freedom of Movement - something that joining The Common Market in 1973 could never have envisaged. And then Iraq. The bloke and his missus are prize C * N T z Knighthood? - on a par with Jimmy Savilles!
  9. Agreed - but seriously the only thing that keeps you in the Prem is some stinking rich Investors possibly of dubious origin. With our ‘holier than thou’ vocal fan base, I doubt even if the Pope waded in with a half a billion we’d have a surge of ‘self righteousness’ quoting Crusades and Spanish Inquisition Here’s to 2022
  10. That’s right, £500 and still not be assured of a ticket if the present system is anything to go by. What planet are you on? When we are back in the Championship I’ll just be able to walk up to any away ticket office and walk in as I’ve always done! Relying upon fan-generated funding is not a recipe for sustainability in the Prem. Look at Bournemouth…. I’m exiled from my football team due to life choices. £500 a year and I’d be considering team choice
  11. Off topic but there seems to be common thought - I'd take a 16 team EPL as long as there was a separate competition (Carabao?) and a route to go to Europe for the top sides in the EFL. I mean if Dundalk, Connah's Key Nomads and Linfield get to go to Europe surely there's an argument for EFL accommodation.
  12. Some of the World's Governments are quite happy and even gloating about the way it has all turned out for Western Democracies.......
  13. Could do with him at LB for us - quality but stuck there he’s just taking the money
  14. What? Frankie and Johnny not interested?
  15. Now there’s a thread! I ended up in Ashington as a teenager - not a Charlton in sight. Played 7 seasons. Jeez - this is a Ip****e bashing thread - bored now
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