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  1. where - outside Mitre pub   Reason - not letting me in to see Arsenal V Porto lsat night   i really hope you can join me to right this wrong   yours faithfully ... lap 
  2. yeah you hit the nail on the head. get ready for the barage of negativity this evening yey..........
  3. 9 - 7   croft 2 russel 1 cureton 4 lupoli 2   doherty (in for injured someone) 7
  4. i think it was Francis v Gillingham (maybe), anyway it was a 20 yard left footed volley [:D]
  5. yeah it''s silly to slag of a player because of that   i regularly hear "lightweight" about grounds and stefanovic   people cant seem to grasp how to say otsemobor, its like there is no second o :L   yeah moaning is fun
  6. yep me to salahuddin i really thought we brought because of the big(ish) name attached to him, but im usually wrong so good signing GR
  7. gorrks og :L   im going to go croft, pattison injured in 2 minuits and 6 seconds crofty super sub with his second touch on the ball rifels home from 56 yards
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