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  1. If you go to the official club website and look up club/ new stand/ executive facilities - there is an artists impression of the inside view of the south stand/ infill. I think this will answer most of your questions.
  2. Who is Signigs? Is he a foreign target for Worthy? Haven''t heard much about him myself. When we get promoted I think we''ll need to sign more than one new player though!
  3. As I cannot make it to the game tomorrow, I was wondering if anyone knows if the game is being shown on Scandinavian TV. If so, are the Murderers/ Kafe Da/ Wherry showing it?
  4. Must admit that I left on 72 minutes last night. It is the first time I have left early but was due to me recieving a phone call from the other half telling me that one of the children were ill and they were asking for me. Despite my unquestionable love for NCFC, certain things such as family do take precedence. (However I don''t know what I would have done if it had been the game when we could clinch promotion - after all the rough years of supporting City, I''d hate to miss out on the party of the century!!)
  5. I went to the public display at CR to view the hotel proposals last year. The plans are for the back of the hotel (side nearest the pitch) to run in line with the executive boxes in the Barclay end for about 15 metres. It will then turn in one change of direction to meet up with the back of the ''New Stand''. When I quizzed the designers/ hotel operators on the following points: 1. Will there be any seats placed in the gap between the pitch and the hotel, and 2. Will there be any facilities to turn the bedrooms overlooking the pitch into corporate facilities on matchdays, I got the following replies: 1. No. The gap will be used as a service area for deliveries/ collections of laundry, food, rubbish etc as well as providing an emergency access point. Despite me trying to explain that the hotel could still be serviced underneath a rake of seats with a tunnel to provide emergency access they worryingly could not grasp the idea, 2. No. The hotel operator stated that there would be enough corporate facilities in the ground without the need to use the hotel. I personally feel that the club are missing a great chance to complete the development of the ground in this corner. Fair enough, if the club are to gain some additional income through the hotel development BUT I think they should be putting in a tier of seats as the city stand infills and also look into the hospitality issue of the bedrooms on matchdays. What do others think?
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