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  1. Given Abramovich''s millions how do you think Worthy would spend it? Or would he bring the youth through? (Joke).
  2. I sincerely hope you''re right but I cant see it. Theres no way City would bring in a fans favourite at the moment as he would be perceived as a potential threat to Nigel Worthington. Our new coach will be someone you have never heard of from Glentoran or Drogheda or the likes. A bit like they did with Mick Wadsworth several years ago. No one knew anything about him. He achieved nothing and was gone in six months. Gloom.
  3. I thought of it first!    
  4. Seventh is completely meaningless. As Jack Nicklaus once said "Second is a niche in oblivion". Seveth in the championship is the same.
  5. [quote user="ROSSI 46"][quote user="cityangel"] Portsmouth please [/quote] do you not see pompey as potentially a bigger threat to us next season if they were relegated? [/quote]   I''m afraid Rossi Southend and whoever will be a threat to us next season as things stand.
  6. I thought that. Surely he could have waited a couple of weeks. Unless of course this means that ''other things'' will be going on during the close season.
  7. We havent organised anything major over the last three weeks I have to admit. Behind the scenes I have been receiving and forwarding to the club a stream of discontented emails from fans. ND has promised to answer each of these to the people concerned and copy his answers to me. So far that hasnt happened but I believe he may have been on holiday at the moment. My own view about the petition is that I dont think it will work - I see it as an extension of already failed manoeuvres. I however will support it - I''ll try anything at the moment. I arrived late Saturday  but I know some of the others went along and joined in. I am on holiday for the Wolves game, the pain is over for me this season, but I am sure there are many more signatures out there. I know of several people who wanted to sign but couldnt for one reason or another. I think there is much work to do for supporters groups to do during the close season. The pressure shouldnt stop just because the football has. Hopefully some people on here will be right and they will sack him after the end of the season. If they dont then we have to come up with some new ideas. Thats everyone not just NCISA.
  8. Oh well. We''ve done quite well. We havent been blamed for anything for three weeks. Sigh.
  9. Will you be forwarding your results to the ''We know best'' board?
  10. [quote user="Rudolph Hucker"]Kathy, are you a woman scorned?[/quote] In a way. My love for Norwich City isnt being returned at the moment.
  11. I wonder what all the small businesses that went to the wall when ITFC went into administration and couldnt pay them, thought about David Sheepshanks being presented with an award to recognise "the great and valuable services of Ip***t Town Football Club to the community and the clubs contribution in enhancing the life of the community"? Oh silly me. Its April Fools Day tomorrow. There was me believing it was true.
  12. [quote user="Matt Hudson"]Someone please can i have an e-maoil adress or something so that i can contact someone.[/quote]   You will remember prior to the meeting NCISA had with the board on 13th March that several of you on here requested that I say this or ask that etc. Well as you know from my post after  the meeting I gave Neil Doncaster a long list of questions and proposals. He has come back to me today and suggested that reather than use a middle man (me!), it would be better if you contacted him directly and he can address your concerns in person. He has asked me to give out a telephone number 01603 218707 and an email address NeilD@ncfc-canaries.co.uk .Good luck!
  13. Coney. Thank you for your suggestion. I have discussed it with the treasurer and we both feel it would be hypocritical of NCISA to both sponsor a member of the coaching team and call for their removal at the same time, so discontinuing the sponsorship deal may be an option. Obviously this sort of thing has to go to committee but I think this is one way we could make our feelings known to the club.
  14. [quote user="Yellow Rider"] Totally agree Percy, Roy has worked tirelessly for decades now in the pursuit of the interests of the club and the fans. NCISA have proved recently (surely) that they are not in bed with the club and can put forward the views of those fans who are genuinely disheartened with the performances under Worthy for the last 2 seasons now, with passion, sincerity and objectivity. The only ''criticism'' I would make of NCISA is that the public face is always that of Roy Blower and there is a feeling amongst some fans that he is a ''yesterdays man''. Perhaps the committee would consider putting forward others (in addition to Roy) who can champion the fans cause?   [/quote] Thank you YR and Percy for your support and constructive criticisms. We are aware of the fact that Roy tends to be the public face of NCISA and overshadows others, but quite frankly that is in my humble opinion because he is the best man for the job. Roy has an in depth knowledge of all things Norwich City and in the public arena can answer just about any question on any issue. If you were at the public meeting you will have heard him with no prompting beforehand be able to answer the bloke who asked about the implications of the hotel project. There is no way I could have done that without reading up first. The other committee members are well versed in different areas but I am sure they would not object to me saying when it comes to an overall knowledge of Norwich City they cannot compete with Roy. I, for example, can name you the side that won at Old Trafford in the cup in 1965 but ask me about Preference ''B'' shares and I turn into a blubbering blonde. I think because Roy is older, younger supporters have trouble identifying with him, but I have known him a lot of years and can assure fans that he neither ducks confrontations or wants to get into bed with the Carrow Road board. The only area where he is sadly lacking, and he will be the first to admit this, is using a PC and consequently does not live in the world of emails and message boards. This means it falls upon others from the association, on this occasion me, to defend him in the face of what we perceive is unfair criticism.
  15. You go right ahead. But I warn you you wont get any free meals, end of season parties and you will need a very thick skin as despite you working very hard unpaid for hours trying to keep everyone happy , you will be bombarded with ill informed, bigotted criticisms from faceless people who have never met you, while the other supporters groups sit by on the fence doing nothing and coming out smelling of roses. I wish you luck.
  16. Are you sure you havent got a bit more information Tom. Thats not much to go on.
  17. [quote user="kennyfoggo"]Kathy... can you tell us where you got that from..  worthyout.co.uk haven''t arranged and thing to meet with the club .. I hve no doubts we would like to[/quote]   Roger Munby Monday night.
  18. Please can people realise that we are not professionals, we have living to earn and most of us have nine to five jobs. I work for a poultry vets in the middle of a potential bird flu epidemic so please try to be patient. Although I do manage to do some bits looking over my shoulder at work I have to fit the rest round being a working mum and running a cricket club into the bargain. While the Doncasters and Mumbys and Wises and Lakeys of this world can sit at their desks all day doing this sort of thing I cannot.
  19. You can read the NCISA report of the meeting on the website www.ncisa.co.uk .  My own view of it is mixed really. I took with me a long list of gripes and suggestions that I had coddled together from emails, message boards and chats down the pub.  Give them their due they listened to each one and answered each one but I got the impression they had heard them all a hundred times before and were providing stock answers. As there wasn’t time for me to go through the whole lot I have itemised each one (during my lunch hour!) and intend to send them as a report to Neil Doncaster for him to comment on. In my experience he is very good at this and answers each individual point very thoroughly (ex solicitor and all that). Most of the talking was done by Kevin Platt which surprised me a little. They treated us with respect and although the meeting overran they didn’t seem anxious to get us out of the door even though the reserve match had started. Some answers I did get for posters:   there''s only one Dean Coney Joined on 09/06/2005 Posts 581 Re: NCISA Meeting On Monday   can someone please please please raise the issue of lack of quality football (rather than protests being all about results) Champions elect         Nigel Worthington has always wanted City to pass the ball but once those players cross the line its down to them. He can only tell them how he wants them to play.   Citizen Journalist Foghorn Joined on 06/01/2004 Norwich Posts 2,241 Re: NCISA Meeting On Monday   Please could someone mention the low standards Nigel seems to be accepting.  In his post match interviews at Plymouth and Hull after disappointing draws, Nigel said he was happy with the performance and result.  I wish he would be of the mindset that that was not good enough and we have to improve.  Against Stoke he talked of grinding a result out.  He should be of the mindset that we are happy with the result but are going to need to play a hell of a lot better than that to acheive promotion.            As an employer, Nigel is unwilling to criticize his players in public. What he says on the radio is often completely different to what is said behind closed doors. If they have played badly he tells them so in no uncertain terms.   baldyboy Joined on 19/10/2003 Posts 176 Re: NCISA Meeting On Monday   thanks kathy, can you ask why there is a lack of youth policy at norwich with the manager preferring to pay high wages to poor loanees who are here just for the pay cheque, where the younger players would give their all for a couple of games in the first team.         The loan system is there to be used. Other clubs are exploiting it so why shouldn’t we? Some loans have worked out (Huckerby, Crouch) others haven’t (quite a long list here I would say!) The youth system is still recovering from the seasons where we had to do without it (1998 I believe)/ There are some good young players coming through but at this present time Nigel considers putting them in at the deep end would be counter productive and there would be too much pressure on them. (I have to say that at this point I didn’t agree with them and said so, but this isn’t about what I think so I wont go into that). Danny Crow – Nigel had to make a decision as he has often had to do in the past.       Trent Canary Joined on 15/11/2005 Norwich/Nottingham Posts 684 Re: NCISA Meeting On Monday   Kathy - Anything to do with the central midfield, the wings, and players constantly being played out of position.         Everyone is aware that the midfield area needs addressing particularly on the right side. Players are usually only played out of position when injuries dictate.   ridgeman Joined on 12/04/2004 Posts 224 Re: NCISA Meeting On Monday   I would like to know why we buy one of the smallest strikers in the division and then play hoofball and also how long do we have to endure Worthingtons favouritism it cost us our Premiership place last season. We were told Helveg is not fit enough to play for Norwich yet he was fit enough to captain his national side. Holt was preferred to Saffri, Bentley was dropped for a training ground incident etc etc etc.       Hoofing the ball up is not what is taught on the training ground. Anyone can go down to Colney to see for themselves. The boards view is that Earnshaw has not been bought as the main striker more someone to play off another target man probably MacKenzie. I’m afraid I didnt get round to asking about the favouritism bit as there were nine others asking questions too and I couldn’t monopolise the evening. I have however asked this and lots of other points in a written summary to Neil Doncaster.   I have to say that I felt better coming away from the meeting than I did before. They said it didn’t take demonstrations and public meetings to make them aware of just how unhappy fans are at the moment. They also said if it came to it they would not shirk from sacking the manager if they thought the time had come, and do you know I really believed them. I suppose it’s the difference between when THEY think the time has come, and WE think the time has come. And isnt that what all this about really when you think of it.
  20. As requested by you I did actually put these points to the board last night and received similar answers.
  21. www.worthyout.com are also meeting with the board as well. We didnt sell you out down the river.
  22. My personal view and not necessarily that of NCISA is that this meeting is a PR exercise on behalf of the board and I am not expecting much to come out of it, just the usual rhetoric. However I shall go into it with an open mind. I have had several emails from fans saying ''please can you say this'' and ''please can you ask that'' and as we are a suuporters representative organisation I will go in armed with all these. What I would like you to do on here, is send me more points and questions. I wont use names but will offer to respond to you on their behalf.  Keep it brief and to the point, nothing abusive and I promise I will read out every one. Not sure I''ll get answers but I will try.
  23. ''Worked out'' or ''Walked out''? Actually getting up and working out is just the sort of thing he would do, hard work ethic and all that.
  24. Not at the moment (I am at work) but I think the cost of the hall was about £450 and I know that was covered which is good because we didnt have to dip into NCISA academy money or Roys pocket. John was last seen disappearing into Barclays with a large black bucket so when I next speak to him I will find out the financial details.
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