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  1. I think that you will find that one of the writers on that show is Karl Minns (one of the Nimmo Twins) who is a Norwich City fan. That''s probably why Norwich gets the mentions - a bit of banter between the writers themselves.
  2. Is he the one getting criticised on Radio Norfolk?
  3. Just to let everyone know. I used to help out with moderating this forum and it did become rather tedious reading a lot of the inane posts that end up on here. Also a lot of the modding went on in the web teams own (unpaid) time. How else do you think that posts went up at unsociable hours such as weekends and evenings. and finally Archant have been getting rid of staff and those that are left really do not have the time to moderate the posts. I know that the situation is not ideal - but that is my two pennies worth.
  4. Errm, weren''t we favourites to win the Championship when we were relegated from the Premiership ---- so said the bookies
  5. See this site for lots of stats   http://stats.football365.com/dom/ENG/D1/oform.html    
  6. You can see it here ... try pausing on 47 secs   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjH4g2lLxAY
  7. It is up to the ref which half the linemen run the line for. He can decide to leave them the same for the each half or to switch over. I still don''t know what half the fouls were given for.
  8. Has anyone got one spare? A mate left it far too late to get one, so I''m down to clutching at straws.. cheers.
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