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  1. Seems we do indeed have a Matt Svensson replacment. Despite Johansson scoring the goal and hit the post and generally having a good game considering the poor service he got is already being criticised. What is it with some of you and scandinavian players?
  2. Matt Svensson - 50k pay for a player who had a very important role in our run to the Championship. Scored a couple of very important goals in the Prem and showed he was here for the love of playing football and winning not for the love of money.
  3. Mr Rankin although posts sometimes controversial views he does at least argue his case the best he can rather than pathetic little one liners that serve no purpose to the "discussion". Bit like this post really lol
  4. Norwich City 5 - 4 Ipswich Town... I''m sorry I''ve had too much Jack Daniels
  5. I agree with Northern that selling Svensson was one of the biggest mistakes. I''m sure everyone remembers when he was fully fit in our promotion season when he scored 5 in 6. He had his critics but I believe he was the most naturally gifted footballer we had at the club yet Worthington let him go without a fight. I heard him on the radio yesterday (Worthington) saying they didn''t really have and characters in the dressing room. Well surely thats because you let them all go? Svensson was probably one of the strangest characters we''ve had at this club for years and you couldn''t help but like him as a person. To replace him with a 32 year old who when I''ve heard on the radio just seems so boring makes me think that this was his biggest mistake.
  6. [quote]Don''t blame the manager???? Shall we sack all the players then??[/quote] You''ve obviously missed the point of this thread then
  7. [quote]worthington: "the team bus didnt show up, and those wearing yellow and green today were actually half the contents from london zoo who were available to replace the first team at very short notice.......[/quote] Amazing how close to reality it is Tom
  8. I used to think Adams was quite a good commentator, but that was when he didn''t have to criticise anyone. It''s not the managers fault, keep that in mind when listening to Adams. Only because thats what he thinks.
  9. [quote]im sorry dicky - im sure u called me a closet binner for saying we''d be better off with worthington....i also seem 2 remember you calling for 10games - we''ve played a few more than that now, and where...[/quote] A man who speaks sense ladies and gents.
  10. Because its boring according to some so lets find some new very different "excuses"We didn''t realise it was a 3pm kick off. We didn''t do that much in the Prem so its come as a shock.
  11. Dicky Dicky Dicky, what are we going to do with you hey? You go on about people insulting you but don''t you think the people you said weren''t real fans for holding a different opinion to you feel the same as you now? A lot of people on here were subject to being called Ipswich fans indisguise or not real supporters who''d jumped on the bandwagon. Well, surely you can take a few little digs at you ? Its only a bit of fun I''m sure. Can''t we all just stop the insults both ways now, but don''t you go complaining when you''ve dealt out the insults as much as anyone.Thankyou
  12. [quote]I just finished posting about this on another thread seconds ago, I have a little read of this one and again see zipper of the "kick posting abuse out" signature slagging off anyone who backs the mana...[/quote] Can none of you get the point. People who want the manager out give well written arguments for that. Whereas a few people who are of the other opinion usually resort to one line replies which don''t really add to debate. Thats the point Zipper is making why can''t you see that. Lets hear an argument for keeping the manager other than "BORING" or "Next" or "CLOSET BINNER!!!!". Why can''t you get that?
  13. The player we''re missing most, is the man who got the most evident criticism... Matthias Svensson. He scored goals regularly, remember last season. McKenzie only started scoring in the second half of the season and had so many chances its untrue. Yet the never really fully fit Svensson scored at the start middle and end of the season. Remember when he was fully fit during the promotion year that spell of 5 goals in 6 games. No one else managed to be so prolific. But the main thing I think we miss about Sven is that he was a character. He was one of those players that showed his commitment on and off the pitch as was generally just a nice bloke. Who else in this team shows that sort of commitment other than Hucks. At this moment in time who would I have Ashton or Svensson. I''d take Svensson. I dream of the day when Ashton shows some sort of passion.
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