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  1. My son and I are probably the only NCFC supporters who want Cardiff away. We are in the city that day for a university visit !
  2. Just seen an article on Ben Godfrey on the "Football Bloody Hell" website which is well worth a read. For those interested it is on www.footballbh.net
  3. Wondering whether to get tickets for West ham in the upper or lower tier. Lower tier closer but concerned about perspective when watching the match and being too close to pitch level. Or, upper tier = better view but miles away from the action. Anyone that has visited before, any recommendations.
  4. Where's that info come from? Your own personal sources?
  5. You still think ACM is still a possibility then BYG? Even after MB and pinkun denial of the intial story.
  6. Just received my away membership pack. Why oh why are they sending us all a flag and scarf - we already have about 6 of them already! Couldn't they have done away with the gimmicks and charged us less in the first place - or is that too much like common sense.
  7. Isn't this situation just typical. My son and I, who have been season-ticket holders for 12 years plus, went to NINE away games.It would have been 10 if the club hadn't messed up over ticket allocation for Rotherham. That means we, like many other supporters in the same boat, will have to pay £100 extra just to get a chance of a high profile game along with "Joe Bloggs" who hasn't been to a game for years. I wonder how many of these fans that will benefit from these changes would have considered going to Hull on a wet November evening or Blackburn on a cold Saturday before Christmas as we did?
  8. Tickets go on sale for the Stoke game on Monday starting with supporters with 1250 points and more. Does anyone know the confirmed allocation as we have enough points but are waiting to team up with friends who have less. We don't want to miss out again after the Rotherham debacle.
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