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  1. yes, sorry my mistake - i guess my small brain couldnt cope with the fact that someone had backed us at 33s for the premiership!!
  2. agree with craig - the only way u can do this is thru betfair - currently just a bit below 3/1 not to win - ie you are laying at a price of about 1.3. fortunately for me i backed norwich to win when they were big prices before christmas but have laid a lot of it off now which is nice postion to be in. did anyone read that piece in the evening news online about the guy who reckoned he''d backed norwich at 33/1 over christmas? what a joke. they were never 33/1 at the start of the season let alone christmas when they were about 7/1 with the bookies and about 12 to 16/1 with betfair which is when i backed them.
  3. sitting in the river end where it''s subdued at the best of times, the atmosphere was fantastic - great to have the new stand in operation. just watched the gane on sky and i wonder if they have the crowd muffled for some reason - perhaps they not keen to broadcast the anti-ref songs?
  4. we were certainly the better team football wise and the baggies defended well (as we did) but neither side were done any favours by the referee - i think he should be ashamed of himself. how about the showboating from Malky? twice for goodness sake!!
  5. more gossip ... reports on another board that Sturart Downing from Middlesbro is in the frame - don''t know much about him other than he was on loan at Sunderland earlier on in the season.
  6. my excuse is that i''m a bit of a gambling man so i was at it in December when I back us at 12s. if u like the stats check out the Bet Devil website (look it up on google). loads of stats in there and great for current form tables.
  7. i see now where you''re coming from Fred. good point. I think the answer no i wouldnt even though i''d be glad of the ticket. but by the same token i probably wouldnt wear colours or find myself sitting in a group supporting the same team - i would have a certain amount of respect for the opposition supporters. i think i am more angry with the club for saying that there is nothing they can do about it when clearly there is.
  8. fred1 - u r missing the point. I think we would all buy a ticket if we could to see out team play if the game was sold out and we completely understand the hammers p.o.v. the objection is that city members bought tickets and sold them on or gave them away to rival fans depriving other city fans. i think the club are not taking responsibility when they say there is nothing that they can do which is clearly nonsense. of course they can. they can ban members who bought the tickets. the club should take responsibility for this.
  9. excellent point city angel - i belive it does. nice one.
  10. completely agree with you mr wizard. suits them far more than us not to have a game today. they got as far as leeds on the coach this morning before turning round. not happy. on the bright side i guess it will be ok preparation for the baggies since they won''t have had a hard game today. But it just means another midweek game to fit in somewhere.
  11. just had a text from a mate - they got as far as leeds on the coach before turning round to come back.
  12. This is so frustrating. A fixture build up is all we need and another midweek match. Oh well look on the bright side at least the boys get yet another rest.
  13. this is got nothing to do with canaries against w ham fans - we are both right. is all to do with the club selling tickets to non supporters and then saying they can''t do anything about it. it''s nonsense. they should be finding the culprits who sold on tickets and ban them from future sales. they know their names and addresses as they must have been members.
  14. i''m an immigrant to norfolk and the first time i listened to roy all those years ago i thought it was a joke. I had no idea what was going on or who had scored when the goals went in. However it was the most entertaining commentary i heard in many a year. I couldn''t imagine an away game without him. I have even been known to tune into the R Norfolk commentary during boring periods of play in home games. I''d sooner have Roy than John Motson any day.
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