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  1. Fantastic goal. You''re right, Bertrand deserves a lot of credit for the first goal - he''s been an excellent signing as well.
  2. Fowler was rubbish and got taken off before an hour had gone. Hasselbaink didn''t do a whole lot more. I''m still glad that we didn''t go in for either of them. They''ll take a shed load of money out of Cardiff via the wage bill but won''t give a whole lot back in return. It was poor defending that cost us today - yet again. That is what Grant needs to sort out and quickly. Dion had a good game again today, but he won''t play every week and Doherty and Shackell aren''t doing the business. Even now that we can only get in loan signings until January, we need to move quickly to get a centre-back. Have we gone cold on O''Dea? We were linked with him a couple of weeks ago. He''d be a decent one to bring in.
  3. Remember the 30-yard screamer that he scored at Sheffield Wednesday in 2001-02? That and the run in the play-off final are my favourite Holt memories.
  4. Grant will definitley be looking for a goalkeeper. That leaves three, if we are to take him literally. We need a forward, CM and CD. Does Chadwick make five, or is he one of the ''4''? Guess we''ll soon find out.
  5. Totally agree re giving Grant a chance. He has a hell of a mess to sort out. Just don''t expect to reach the play-offs this year - it ain''t gonna happen and may not do for a while.
  6. One of the reasons for the 4-5-1 is probably our lack of strikers. Grant doesn''t seem to have much faith in Thorne and Jarvis and I can''t say I blame him. If we were to get another striker (I reckon Riordan would be an excellent signing) then we might see the team go back to 4-4-2.
  7. When Jarvis came through he was trumpeted as our next big thing, but I''ve never been overly impressed with him. Whether that is because of his attitude or because he is simply not good enough, I''m not sure - but whatever the reason, he''s not going to make it here. A move would be better for all concerned.
  8. Can''t see that swap happening. I''ve lost count of the number of times that Huckerby has been linked with Celtic, however nothing ever comes of it. I''m convinced that Hucks will finish his career here - whether that this season or after another contract. I agree with the comment above re his family - they are happily settled here, hence the reason I think we have Hucks until his retirement.
  9. I expected Charlton to struggle this season, but I didn''t expect them to be the shambles that they now are. It''ll be interesting to see who will have the balls to take on that job now.
  10. I don''t believe in messing around with a defence that is playing well. Dion is playing blinders at the back so keep him there. Grant made the mistake at Stoke of shuffling a defence that hadn''t conceded since he arrived and it went horribly wrong. Doherty now knows that he has a job on his hands getting his place back.
  11. We should keep everything crossed that Earnie doesn''t get injured, because if anything happens to him or he leaves in January then our season would be over immediately. Yesterday showed again how much we are reliant on him. We have no other striking options that will produce the goods. Keep him wrapped in cotton wool, Granty.
  12. Grant has to learn from his mistakes today. He should never have messed around with a defence that hadn''t conceded a goal since he took charge. It also shows the mess that he has been given to sort out, as you say.
  13. I reckon Worthy must be the favourite for the job, though a lot of names that were linked with our own vacancy will inevitably be linked with Sheff Wed as well. Wednesday are Worthy''s club - I bet he''s applied already!
  14. I was amazed when I heard about it. None of us really know what''s been going on to have led to something like this. It''s all very sad. I hope she recovers.
  15. Ryan Jarvis needs an almighty kick up the backside to bring out what he is capable of. Maybe Grant is the man to deliver it.
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