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  1. Rowe played and scored for the U21s today before being subbed off but I imagine they will ease him back slowly before getting first team minutes Really excited about him, seems to have the ability and the potential to be a player that we could never afford. I get the impression that he has a great mindset and work ethic too.
  2. Farke said he was the best natural finisher at the club and I for one am definitely willing to be patient to see if that's true. He seemed to always be scoring at youth level. People seem to forget he's still young, never had a solid run in the team, and was out injured for the best part of a year. Comments like "he's league one at best" that I've seen a few times are definitely premature.
  3. If we go up I think he'll stay for the last year of his contract as if he leaves for a free he'll have a lot more options to choose the right one for him. Think this would be the first ever time that a young key player would let his contract expire and I'd wish him all the best as he fully deserves it for his 100% dedication to the club.
  4. Have to keep Samba! It feels like tradition. When did we even start using it?
  5. A player who's progress I've followed since the academy as I felt he had exciting potential. But unfortunately he's always been on and off injured so I doubt he'll ever be more than an upper half Champs striker. Really hope I'm wrong though, he's got all the raw ingredients to be a potentially established prem striker, he's tall, strong, fast, a natural scoring ability and before last seasons injury it looked like things finally started to click for him tactically with movement and how to use his size to his advantage.
  6. Krul, Gunn, Hanley, Aarons, McLean, Onel, Cantwell, Pukki Putting all their futures, opinions of their ability and form aside, we definitely have several players that a have a space in their heart for our club
  7. Just thinking about how Max and Onel, Despite being two very different personalities, must both such a positive effect on the squad both in the short and long term. Onel who recently stated how much he loves the club, he has the tattoo, said he's happy to be a bit part player and how he loves the area and wants to live here at the end of his career. This coming from a man who's popular in the dressing room and always has a smile on his face could only help other players feel lucky to be here. Then there is Max, who we are obviously very unlikely to have for many more years has never let any transfer speculation stop him from giving everything he has and has also stated he is honoured everytime he puts on the shirt and his gratitude to the club. This can only be good for us, being the ultimate pro that didn't sulk when he didn't get his big move, our young players will take note of this and hopefully will remain professional themselves when and if we receive bids below our valuation.
  8. And if Sargent ends up scoring goals in the PL for us, could definitely help that appeal of Norwich to U.S fans
  9. I think they'll be up there this season. My dream scenario is they finish 3rd, missing automatic on GD and then lose on penalties at Wembley
  10. Just a few thoughts about somthing that I don't think has been talked about much. For a start, the obvious, it's unlikely we'll get as many points as last time in the champs and we definitely won't look as pretty while doing it. However, a massive positive we have for games that we are chasing or looking deadlocked is a manager that is more than willing to switch a game up, the 5 sub rule and the players we have at our disposal. Having the option of bringing Hugill, Idah and Sargent against a tiring defence is great for this level imo. Idah and Sargent are still young and lack of injuries permitting, I think will start slow but both will contribute to a good season and improve along the way. Also not likely to be starters, Dowell who we know is plenty capable for the champioship and always looks to create something. We've got Argos and also Jon Rowe who I really hope kicks on this season. If he can look dangerous against Liverpool coming off the bench think what he could do with more experience and against lower quality teams. At this moment in time because of Buendia and Skipp I'd rather have the 20/21 starting 11. I think there will be quite a few games where fans will be grumbling and unhappy at half time but the players and options we have from the bench to switch a game up at this level is something I think we can be positive and excited about. OTBC
  11. Expecting any 10mil signing to shine in this league is a big ask. (Joelinton 40million) You said yourself he was without his 2 best players who were both signed in the summer
  12. Saw this and thought was worth a share....... Norwich City restricted Wolves to just five shots today. That's the lowest number of attempts on their goal Norwich City have faced in any of their 241 Premier League games this century #ncfc
  13. Worth remembering if we secure the league, Idah and Hugill are likely to get more game time.
  14. Was trying to think when was the last time the town of Ipswich could of enjoyed a great performance at Portman Road.
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