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  1. Mr Diesel, I congratulate you. After searching the postings since 5PM on Saturday, yours is the first post I have seen which is not unanimous in its criticism of Nigel, and yearning for change. I won''t add to the original posting by Gazza, who summarised the feelings of so many people with clarity and lucidity. Nigel has been a good manager here and successful, but few managers stay at a club for 3 seasons never mind 5+. He has simply run out of things to say to the players. I''m sure he will go on to to a decent job at other clubs. But his time here is very nearly up. The most damning criticism I can offer is my own: I wondered yesterday if we conceded one or two more if the Board would act, and I almost willed Jeff Stelling to go back to Pride Park to report this. There is a serious malaise within the club that will only grow unless action is taken. Millwall, Coventry and Derby away have yielded only 1 point from the club who beat Manure just 7 months ago. As for a successor, several good names appear. Newell, Burley and Redknapp all have their merits. My own choice is Mark Bowen: a hard-nosed devil with an acute footballing brain, and success has followed him around in recent years. Give him a call. Having said that, please just act. Us old farts really don''t want to go back to 1996. But if you make us cross enough, we care about the club enough to act drastically. Bravo, win or die...
  2. December 2000: 5 games lost in a row, an overpaid and depressed bunch of players heading for the drop. Enter Nigel who achieves mid-table safety. Next season, a few signings and a play-off place is achieved, and the Premiership is within touching distance. Nigel has made a real impact. 2002/2003 sees us flirting with the top 6, but a lack of quality in key areas means we miss out. The next season sees the inspirational signings gavanise the team and we win the league comfortably. The return to the promised land sees us battle galantly against the 4-5-1 bore specialists who currently bedevil the premiership, until a last-day nightmare results in our relegation. We start this season with a great squad, what appears to be a very well organised club who will take the league by storm. So whats going wrong? I feel that Nigel has made an enormous difference to this club. He has instilled discipline and organisation where there was none, and assembled a first team squad which is the envy of most teams in this league. But usually when I watch the quality teams play in the Premiership of the Champions league, I can understand the team selections and the substitutions the manager makes. I cannot with Nigel. I feel that after 5 years, he should hasn''t developed the tactical acumen required to manage this team at the highest level. In summary, I will look back on Nigel''s reign of this club with satisfaction: he turned us around, and took this club back to the top flight, and that hadn''t been achieved since 1986. This weekend apart, he has conducted himself with dignity in the media, and upheld the finest traditions of this club: passing football. But he has taken us as far as he can. Thanks for a job well done Nigel, we will remember you. Especially after Mike Newell takes us into the Premiership. Bravo, Win or Die.     
  3. Get well soon Roy: "The Man Out There" is smiling for you. Impartial? He''s a Norwich fella talking to other Norwich Fellas, so bugger impartiality!  
  4. A terrific signing, confirming the board''s commitment to making a real fist of it. Well done to Nigel and the board. On the car front, we''re one up on the Binmen: We''ve got a new Bentley, but they''ve only got a clapped-out and useless Rolls Reuser! Song anyone?
  5. ...who cried tonight? I did Bravo,win or die!
  6. I would love to have a discussion about who we can buy, how much we can pay them in the Premiership. One small point: we are not there yet. Lets save the speculation till the summer. Wolves thought they were up this time two years ago... Bravo, win or die
  7. On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me 3 Points at Ipswich 2 Goals from Leon And Darren Huckerby Merry Christmas to the faithful, Bravo Win or Die
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