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  1. Seems to me NCFC media = pravda these days. "You vil only publish what ve tell you"
  2. ok, I give up. How do I get the forum back via the mobile site or am I just being daft
  3. Pick up at Barton Mills is at the end of the slip road from the garage. There are usually four or five others there so wait with them. Providing people have told the ticket office we try to keep seats together for them.
  4. [quote user="woody11"]Does anyone know if the canary bus will stop at Barton mills?[/quote] Yes, provided you tell them in the ticket office when you buy the coach tickets
  5. [quote user="Standard"]We spoke to the policeman who moved them and that''s what he told us, it''s also what he radioed through to whereever it is they radio, please don''t insinuate I''m lying it''s rather rude[/quote] Sorry, wasn''t insinuating you were lying, more concerned with what plod was telling other fans
  6. [quote user="Standard"]The dozenn who were moved early on were moved to another part of the stand followin "complaints from Norwich fans"[/quote] Can def say that is not true. One cop was stood near us & after that group had several sessions gesturing at the PNE fans he came past muttering "there''s just so much you can take" and they were moved to a part of the stand further away.
  7. [quote user="Standard"]Nothing happened, he was getting abuse from the PNE lot, he gave a bit back and was removed, he wasn''t warned just taken out leaving his son crying in the stand alone[/quote] He wasn''t warned? So what was the steward saying forcibly to him about 30 seconds before he returned to gesturing at the PNE fans. Sorry don''t want to see any fans chucked out but he was asking for it
  8. Apologies if this message is only directed at the odd one or two fans who have away ST and travel on Club Cabbage. This season the club has changed its policy re returning tickets, I know WW2, but where you can return up to 5 away match tickets you can''t return the coach tickets. So if you''re not going to a game make sure you let them know in the ticket office before the tickets are sent out. Would have been nice if we''d been told before the season and the ''contract'' we signed had been changed but then it might have been polite to advise all the supporters about the change in refund policy, maybe even amending the Customer Charter
  9. was talking to one of the assistants in there yesterday and they''re closing for a week for refurbishments. Don''t think they''re putting in air conditioning unfortunately so it''ll still be a sauna on match days
  10. [quote user="Mister Chops"][quote user="norfolkbroadslim"]It might ''only'' have been Dereham; Holt and Martin didn''t score against them though did they[;)][/quote]And that shows just how far short of a decent strike force we are at Championship level. Sure, we found our level in League One last year but I don''t think anyone understands that the Championship is a more difficult level to play at with better teams and bigger grounds.[/quote] There is no way you read anything into pre season friendlies. Three years ago we watched City play in Holand at a place called Harderwyk. The next night Valencia were taking on Locomotive Sofia so we decided it might be worth a look.It was a dire 0 - 0 draw with players looking as if they''d struggle to make a contribution in the Conference or lower. Three of those players will probably figure in the World Cup Final tonight including David Villa (who incidentally ended that season as top scorer in Euro 2008) Oh & in the same preseason Chris Martin got 5 i think against Lowestoft & then disappeared for two years!
  11. My season ticket arrived but other half''s & my Gunn Club ticket haven''t yet.
  12. Alex Baptiste, weren''t we supposed to be interested some years back. Gilks & Marshall looked poor
  13. He was one of them interviewed at the Castle. said he grew up a City fan watching Cully & Crook and the parade was a dream come true. Just words I know but came across genuine. Also he is a bit of a joker. At the PFA awards he was on tele behind Joe Hart with a sort of Groucho Marks disguise, apparentley one of about 10 he had with him & kept changing
  14. Sorry John, you''re wrong. It was the first day of the 73/74 season. Keelan grabbed the net after faining to stop their second goal go in and brought the whole thing down on top of him. Carried off, five minute delay to rebuild goal & when the teams came back out so did Keelan. Only time Wolves fans have cheered a City player. Oh we lost 3 - 1 as usual.
  15. Col U away, Huddersfield away , Southend & Leeds home (well the last minutes). Honarable mentions for Hartlepool & Poulton, thoroughly enjoyable trips
  16. Evertoniancolufan, you can''t have been a football fan for very long if you''ve NEVER known a club to appoint a manager before agreeing compensation, there have been loads of cases over the last century & a bit. Also as regards agreeing compensation it has become patently obvious that the petty spoiled brat Cowling was not going to accept anything we offerede even if several of the rest of the Col U board would have
  18. When did we last win in London on a Saturday. Discount Watford thats not London
  19. Doesn''t appear to be an opinion shared by City fans as GK went from Gary Who? to Cult hero judging by his reception when arriving on the car park yesterday. Why do the Evening News publish rubbish like that
  20. Our fans were amazing last night. Never stopped supporting. Mereseyside police must be on their prayer mats in thanks that it was us not Millwall or Leeds
  21. what he most certainly did do was smirk at their keeper when he checked the net before second half and acknowledged their fans when he took us position in front of them.
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