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  1. In the bigger picture, if this leads to a 5 at the back system where does that leave Cantwell and Buendia fitting in? I'd imagine Farke would go with 3 centre backs with Wing backs employed. 3 centre midfielders and maybe a no 10 behind the lone striker. Or maybe we'll even see 2 up top?
  2. I can see this leading us to play 3 at back with wing backs employed. Arguably what Farke intended all along. I feel that there's other players such as Hernandez, Rupp, Stiepermann who could cover better at wing back than full back. Not their ideal positions of course but when Farke has all 5 center defenders fit, it could see us becoming more defensively solid, allowing more flair and creativity from the players further up the pitch as they'll know that there's a more solid base behind them. Just my take anyway.
  3. Absolutely agree! News breaking on canaries.co.uk website Option to recall in January. Gives him some game time till then I guess. Still a big concern if/ when Xavi gets injured or suspended.
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