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  1. Let me try and articulate why I had a such a strong reaction against Cantwell on sunday I thought a number of players had poor games eg Onel but in the whole he has been fantastic for us, we are all allowed a bad day. what was unforgivable with Cantwell was that on a number of occasions at 50/50 balls he pulled out of the challenge where as the likes of Trybull were putting their bodies on the line for the team he simply didn’t have the same fight and passion as the rest of the team albeit many had poor games but they put in a shift i know he has the skill just not the right mindset
  2. Indeed there have been some very very over emotional reactions to what as the fans are saying on the poll a very very poor couple of days work by Cantwell
  3. Will be interesting to see how many votes Super Todd Cantwell gets
  4. Hit that ignore button Wolfie that’s what it is there for!
  5. The fixture would be at their place as we would be the premier league club
  6. Enough of the childish name calling Wolfie and stick to the debate play the ball not the man
  7. The reason it’s a 4 pager is that it is what the fans were talking about post Wigan it’s Farkes big decision. If he is any kind of character at all he will take the criticism and look to improve
  8. I don’t think it will help the atmosphere one bit on Friday if Cantwell starts
  9. Assuming we go up we will have our under23s in the above tournament that means we will play Ipswich? On an evening kick off. is that correct ie it’s regionalised?
  10. Agree with a loan next season would be best for him. He isn’t going to get any game time in a premier league team
  11. Onel has had some cracking games for us he is no Todd Cantwell
  12. Mixed support at best staggered that some of you thought he played well
  13. Agree it was dreadful today so many that wouldn’t normally travel to an away game and just aren’t in the habit of getting behind the team away from home
  14. You may not agree with me but I am factually correct a team winning 8 in a row and then he came in! Not an opinion fact my friend
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