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  1. as far as i understand, refs are asked prior to the season if there are any games that they do not wish to referee..
  2. yes! when he came on against arsenal there was an instant impact. he was creative and distributed the ball well. its unfortunate that the herniya set him back for a while, i think with a few games under his belt he could well prove to be a brilliant signing this year. Of course "3 lungs" holt is a gutsy player and is what u need sometimes but does he have the skill/flair to make it as a premier player? how much of an impact does holt have on the team? (only a fly on the changing room wall could tell u that) safri should definatley start.
  3. its cutting it fine but who knows what could happen?! someone give Nige a call and find out!! another interesting one, who''s worthy going to take in on loan this season? maybe its a bit early to tell but he made public last season that he''s willing to use it as a tactic... will it work in the prem? personally, i think its all getting too easy for monsieur henry at arsenal! come spend a few months in norfolk! we''ve got snails!
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