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  1. [quote user="singing canary"] John Deehan the Norwich chief Scout, has been happy to recommend a few players to Chris Sutton, though the most likely will be the mercurial Jamie Cureton, a man very much in the Jamie Forrester mould. Standing just 5 foot eight he has scored regularly at each of the seven clubs he has been at, most notably Reading and Bristol Rovers. He has also always been prolific whenever he has gone on loan but looks as if he will start and finish his career at Norwich. Anyone doubting his stardom status take note, uniquely whilst at Reading, Jamie had a newly discovered star in the ''Perseus'' constellation named after him. The whispers are that the 34 year old will be here on loan very shortly despite him scoring the fifth goal as the Canaries hammered his old club 5-1 yesterday. Cureton is struggling to get past Cody McDonald, Grant Holt, Goran Marić and Chris Martin this season and joined Barnsley on a 3-month loan deal last term. As we all know Jamie is a name that will always pull the heart chords of Imps and should the loan deal come off it would be a great marriage of convenience for both clubs. [/quote] I think one of the ballboys is currently ahead of Goran Maric...................  
  2. [quote user="Lambo"]USA.... what would you have said if McNally sacked Gunn as soon as he was appointed due to doubts over his ability??? I''m willing to bet that you''d have been outraged if he''d acted in the manner your saying he should. For me, he had the doubts but was willing to give Gunn a chance to prove him wrong, Gunn then sent out the side against Colchester and lost 7-1 merely confirming those doubts. He acted. IMO McNally made the correct decisions.[/quote] I dont think anyone disagrees that it was the correct decision but McNally himself said it had little to do with that one game............?????? So why wait?........... why also wait till the following Friday.......... terrible timing........... They should have sacked him right after the game or Sunday morning at the earliest....... given Lambert the chance to come in earlier. Why let Gunn take the squad for the carling cup game and then prepare the team for Exeter........... then pulling the rug out less than 20 hours before a vital league match. It gave the players/staff no chance to get over the initial shock of the decision.  (incredibly poor timing) I just don''t understand why people are saying he acted quickly?............ Didn''t act quickly enough by the looks of things1 I am actually more concerned that Lambert didn''t get much of chance to wheel and deal before the window closed. Its been admitted that the clubs financial budget with Gunn, involved selling Russell and Hoolahan.............. From what I hear we need to get rid of a number of higher wage earners off the books before we can do anything. Lamberts only chance to put things right before Jan is the loan market which we might not be able to afford at the moment unless we can get some contracts/wages off the books. The fact is McNally/board put his name to every one of Gunns signings.............. he is not exactly without blame for keeping the spending in check................... Especially if he had huge doubts about Gunn..........Giving someone a chance is one thing but letting him splooge (more than!) the whole budget doesn''t seem very prudent if you are thinking of bringing in a new manager.    
  3. [quote user="thefutureisyellow"] He`s gone because he wasn`t up to  the job, we have a CE who is prepared to move away from the family culture that existed within our club, the culture that has lead to our downfall,  it`s about time some Norwich fans (together with our previous Board) stopped thnking like a bunch of  inward looking NNF`s and  said hello  to the real world.   [/quote] Thats fair enough. I don''t disagree but I also think we have to move away from the culture that every single thing wrong with the club is down to the manager.......... If we dont, we will have another 4 managers in 3 years as we continue to play the manager blame game. I guess thats why we hand our managers rolling contacts to match the revolving doors!  The board stuck by Gunn way too long if they didn''t think he was up to the job. Thats a fact. The job of the board is to pre-plan for future events. They did a poor job while giving the new man little oppotunity to change things with so little of the window left. 
  4. [quote user="pete_norw"] [quote user="KenBrown"]I still think the truth is not out in the open. i would be surprised that half the things brought against Gunn are really true His backroom staff were experienced and ex players they would have discouraged poor preparation and behaviour. I would contend that McNally is on a mission. How can you dismiss 100 applicants for the guy just up the road ? Lambert appointment was organised way before the sacking; it was just a case of when. 7 -1 was convenient IMO Neither have Norwich at heart but do have self interest It may even be short term gain but I am afraid of the legacy of these 2 personally[/quote] When will people get over this, Gunn was RUBBISH and needed to go, had we had our New CEO he would never had got a look in when Roedent was sacked, Delia did what she always did and we know what that is, The cheap Option, this Face book thing was a conn he had been given the job anyway, this just made it look like we chose the boss. I had a lot of respect for Gunny as a player, but his management skills Zilt, look at it this way If Gunn was still manager would we be 10th or 23rd and that would only be because Southampton are still points adrift, I don''t think anyone can argue the fact that Lambert has done a good job so far 7pts from 9, and a feeling that we can fight for promotion, or would those Pro Gunn fans rather we go to league 2, I know what I want, And I''m very greatful McNally had the sence to act quickly on this        [/quote] ??? according to McNallys own explanation he didn''t act quickly enough.............by a long way. I don''t disagree that Gunn was not the right man for the job but it still doesn''t explain why they let him go on so long if they thought he was rubbish......... Were they just waiting for an excuse to fire him.............. if so thats very very weak......... Would he still be here if Colchester didnt happen? If so then McNally is full of it if he claims the reasons for Gunns sacking were outside of that game. If the reasons WERE outside of that game then he should have been fired earlier. Why not do it pre-season, giving a new manager a chance to come in and look at the squad, while having a decent transfer window left. But no............they let Gunn (probably) spend most of the budget, while giving Lambert very little chance to look at the squad before the transfer window closed knowing he had to sell before he could buy. That doesn''t smack of adavanced planning by McNally/Board...............
  5. I think the weakest part of the article was when McNally was asked WHY they continued to let Gunn spend money on players if they were so concerned about his ability to be a manager....... To simply say "we back our manager" is weak at best. If you DON''T believe in your manager, you DON''T back him..........especially to the tune of 12 signings and if you think that manager won''t be here much longer........ doesn''t make sense to me. The fact is THEY (McNally/Board) approved every single signing.............. they must shoulder some of the blame if they were certain of Gunns lack of ability to manage.
  6. The problem is Swindon are a bit flush with cash after selling Cox....... If we are looking for a creative left winger to bring from the bench, there is one available after 24th October!
  7. [quote user="Savenell"]Prehaps we could get one in on loan?[/quote] Not sure the "kitman''s" loan window is open yet !
  8. [quote user="GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary"] What''s to be gained from this. Surely the point of him going during the transfer window was to generate a transfer fee, by loaning him we neither get the money or the player? before anyone says "wages" - I can''t believe his wages are that crippling - besides which I''d rather have the player. [/quote] What good did it do us to have Dickson Etuhu "loaned" to us from Preston........................ I think you have to realize that "under the table" loans are not uncommon. Lambert suggested this himself You agree to the loan with a further agreement to sign a permanent deal in the next window. I could actually see us getting players in the same way when the loan window opens.
  9. [quote user="shefcanary"]19 September should be the real guide to what we are likely to do this season. Beat Charlton and all doors are open, lose it and things could turn sour very quickly.[/quote] This is why its a misconception................. If we draw with a club who is likely to finish in the top 2, thats not a bad result........ why? Because the vast majority of teams will lose to a side who finishes in the top 2.......... we gain on the whole league........... Drawing against a team who is likley to finish bottom of the league is a poor result............... because obviously the rest of the league is more likley to take more than 1 point on average from that team. People should not knock us beating poor teams, they should celebrate! It should be obvious that a top six place is won by getting results vs the lesser teams NOT the Leeds and Charltons......... those are bonus results which will only add a few points here and there to our overall tally. (same for them against us) The fact that people put so much importance on playing them is silly....... Here is an example to prove my point. In our champs promotion season (where we won the league pretty easilly.......) The top 4 was Norwich WBA Sunderland West Ham We won just 1 game from the six games vs those clubs 1W 3D 2L.................6 points from 6 games.......... relegation form. Those who think it''s about beating the top 4 clubs are missing the whole point.    
  10. [quote user="ref89"]There are some real idiots talking some real rubbish on here. 7 from 9, new manager bedding in.  We should be judging him in 6+ months FFS. Or shall we just sack him after 10 games? [/quote] I agree 100%........ just amazed how some are treating one poor drawn game as if Lambert has totally lost the plot. By every metric that is important (points) he has done well (so far) Things will be much clearer at Christmas if we have a real shot at promotion.
  11. [quote user="1st Wazzock"] Spot on MIA. I go to be entertained. The trouble with saying we''ve taken 7 out of 9 is the fact that those 3 teams are more likely to be fighting relegation than promotion at the end of the season, the proof of the pudding comes when we play those who have aspirations of going up. [/quote] The is a common misconception.......... Man Utd dont win titles by just beating the the top 6 clubs........... they win titles by taking more points off the lesser clubs than the other teams at the top. More than one person in this thread has suggested that the 3 teams we have just played will probably finish in the bottom half of the table.......... OK.............. if we all agree with that.............. then wouldn''t that suggest we are going to finish in the upper half of the table if we are taking 7 from 9 from such teams. So whats the problem? Isn''t that the goal to finish sixth or better? If we take 7 from 9 from the bottom half and 4 from 9 from the top half in the remaining 40 games we would currently finish the season on 81 points! 100% top 4, possible auto promotion.   
  12. Lambert has won 7 out of 9 points...... If we kept that form for the next 40 games we would have earned roughly 101 points and won promotion by Easter! Teams are going to have good games and are going to have crap games....... it happens in even the very best promotion seasons........ The moans have been for a long time that we are too "open" as a team, even Lambert suggested that as an opposing manager.. To me the signs are that we are becoming more "difficult to beat"......But thats at the cost of probably being less entertaining, which can be incredibly frustrating at home. The serious questions will have to be asked........ would you prefer a dull draw or a close 1-0/2-1 win.......... or ..................losing 3-2........ The mark of a promotion team is picking up points on the days when you play badly. Its interesting that Lambert has started getting some stick even though he is currently unbeaten in the LG while in charge and has 3 cleans sheets in the last 3 games........ We (the fans) wanted results........... we got results............ The bottom line is it''s a "results based business" or have we forgotten that?      
  13. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] isn''t it funny how some simpletons still fail to grasp you can''t sign players outside the transfer window (unless they are free agents i believe)! they shouldn''t even have bothered reading that text out! jas :) [/quote] Techincally yes. but............"under the table" permanent deals are done all the time. We signed Etuhu on such a deal. I predict Doc and Hoolahan will leave on such deals when the loan window opens. The Lewis rumour sounds like utter kak though.  
  14. [quote user="NCFC League1"]He could be quality , the best player on the planet but if he turns out to be forever injured and does not play a game then he is no good to us is he . [/quote] So then he is "questionable" not a 100% dud............ Unless you have a crystal ball and know that he will be "forever injured" you cannot possibly give that opinion. Grant Holt could get injured next week..........is he a dud based on the fact he "might" get injured? 
  15. [quote user="NCFC League1"]If we have bought a player that cannot play a game that makes him a dud . [/quote] I tend to judge the quality of my food after I have tasted it.......... How you can possibly have an opinion on the quality of a player without seeing them play is mindblowing.........  
  16. [quote user="Dronny Canary"][quote user="USAcanary"][quote user="Dronny Canary"] [quote user="NCFC League1"]There are more duds in Gunns signings than good ones , he was out of his depth in every department of football management and we should just be thankful he was removed by McNally as quickly as Delia appointed him . [/quote] I agree and wonder why some people seem to continually try to put some kind of positive gloss on what was a truly awful part of our club''s history.  In my view Bryan will always be a legend at Carrow Road - but for the player he was not in any way how he was as a manager.  [/quote] OK so which of the 12 signings do you think are terrible.................. You agreed there are more duds than good players.......... name the 7+ duds Gunn signed............. [/quote] Here goes (and this is just my opinion!) Theo, Gill, Whaley, OTJ, Maric, Nelson (will turn out to be the new Doc only with even less skill!), Wiggins (so far - will we ever see him play).  I also like Paul McVeigh and think he is adding to the overall team at the moment but that''s very much a short term one isn''t it?).  How about the general point though.  Why the constant trying to put a positive gloss on an awful spell in charge? [/quote] LOL, you listed Wiggins a dud even before he has even played a game............ Quality opinion!
  17. I think its laughable.............. They are actually doing much LESS interaction and spinning it as some kind of improvement.......LOL! It''s times like this when you need a professional supporters group with a strong membership ( less than 500 out of a base of 45,000 is not good enough to be taken seriously IMHO.) I guess like most clubs they will find out they have problems when less people start coming through the gates............ By then its too late.................Good luck with that.
  18. [quote user="Dronny Canary"] [quote user="NCFC League1"]There are more duds in Gunns signings than good ones , he was out of his depth in every department of football management and we should just be thankful he was removed by McNally as quickly as Delia appointed him . [/quote] I agree and wonder why some people seem to continually try to put some kind of positive gloss on what was a truly awful part of our club''s history.  In my view Bryan will always be a legend at Carrow Road - but for the player he was not in any way how he was as a manager.  [/quote] OK so which of the 12 signings do you think are terrible.................. You agreed there are more duds than good players.......... name the 7+ duds Gunn signed.............
  19. [quote user="NCFC League1"]There are more duds in Gunns signings than good ones , he was out of his depth in every department of football management and we should just be thankful he was removed by McNally as quickly as Delia appointed him . [/quote] I think its ironic that McNally/board signed off on every single one of those transfers...........Do he/they get a free pass?
  20. [quote user="Dronny Canary"]Just how long does anyone think it will take for the Colchester game to be "long forgotten"?  I suspect that this enormous blot on the club''s history will take so long to forget that at that point people may not remember whether Brian Gunn had hair or not, never mind how good his signings were![/quote] LOL, if we get promoted this year it will mean nothing...........just another loss in a successful season....... We lost and drew to Bradford in our promotion season.......... anyone remember how bad they sucked? Exactly.
  21. [quote user="Pablos pubic perm"]I don''t know how much these kind of surveys mean, anyway. Just picking two names at random from that list (I couldn''t be bothered to read through the whole tedious piece); Ince was not too shabby during his spells in chargeof Macclesfield and MK Dons (1st time round, and doing ok now), and Scolari did something that not very many managers have ever done; won the World Cup - albeit with an excellent squad of players. No, these surveys need to be taken with a massive pinch of salt - as do most things published by the fascist Mail![/quote] As already stated............It''s "managerial reigns" not worst managers......... Clough is number 1 (44 days at Leeds) yet one of the best managers of all time.
  22. [quote user="Mello Yello"]I think this chap deserves some credit.....as well. [/quote] For what..........? He was long gone when Gunn made nearly all those signings........... Him leaving might just have been the turning point.
  23. [quote user="Brendan"]I think he does deserve some credit yes, and still would love him to have a job at the club. He made a lot of signings, which is very good as it has gave lambert a big choice of players (something like 7 different strikers). And think, they might not look that good, but im sure they ALL can win us games in this league...[/quote] Exactly........ maybe It went over a few peoples heads but I am not claiming he was a good manager.....his record speaks for itself. I am just suggesting that history will still judge him a poor manager based on results but maybe his transfer dealings "MAY" just have set in place a solid foundation for a better manager to come along and give us a bit of success.
  24. [quote user="I am a Banana"]i agree he just wans''t able to gel them together![/quote] Absolutely............ Thats the point...........good at player recruitment............... poor at man/team management. Probably took one job too many up the ladder........ Classic "peter principle"
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