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  1. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"] 1. Ipswich have been promoted to the Premiership under Roy Keane and his backers with, perhaps, Ched Evans starring, and 2. Norwich have started to take root in the Third Division with no signs of significant investment. ? Go  on, have a go. No catches. OTBC   [/quote] [img]http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3349/3197652246_d17f090671.jpg[/img]
  2. [quote user="CANARYCHARGE"]To me  a squad of 18 is not enough, especially with the players we have?? is Gunn really going to sign 4 or 5 players before we start!!! [/quote] I have no idea where you are getting 18 from????????? We have far more players signed as pros than that..... Goalkeeper..... Theoklitos, Rudd and Steer Centre backs....Doherty , Stefanovic, Nelson, Stephens Right back... Otsemobor, Spillane and Dumic Left back     Drury, Habergham, Lappin Cen Midfield..... OTJ, Gill, Adeyemi Left Midfield  Hoolahan, Pattison Right Midfield   McVeigh, Corey Smith Strikers  Martin, Cureton, McDonald, Daley, Renton, Kelly If we include Whaley, Maric and Askou that would make............. 29 professional players so far. I cant see us starting the season with any less than 32 players (you need 18 on match day alone) I think we will end up with by far our BIGGEST squad in recent years, especially in terms of permanent players.    
  3. [quote user="St. Cluck"] [quote user="CANARYCHARGE"]To me  a squad of 18 is not enough, especially with the players we have?? is Gunn really going to sign 4 or 5 players before we start!!! [/quote] With all of the sicknotes housed in the stable you''ll be seeing a steady influx of loanies joining the payroll again very soon...... Mark my words......   [/quote] [img]http://actingschmacting.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/broken-record.jpg[/img]
  4. [quote user="TheCardinal"]We are two or three players off a decent squad. Hoolahan staying is a huge plus, I think Nelson and Gill look more than decent for this division and I like that Gunn is looking at a mixed bag of players - young with potential and experienced pros. I like that Gunn is giving players the chance to impress with trials instead of going around signing anything and everything that fits into his budget. I like that his scouting system has clearly thrown up a few names and that he is pursuing those with some success. I think Whaley, if signed, would be a superb coup for us and I think is exactly the sort of signing we''ve been needing to make for blummin'' ages. I applaud his handling of contract renewals (tying down Micky Spillane so early was a very good move, IMO) and think he''s done 100% in who he''s released and who he''s offered new deals too (not withstanding Lee Croft who clearly wanted out). I''m not convinced about some of Gunn''s decisions. I personally think Cureton should be allowed to leave and his wages reinvested. I also am concerned at how slowly progress on getting that striker to sign on the dotted line has been. Very concerned. I appreciate, however, that strikers are at a premium and getting a good one on the cheap is difficult. I also wonder why Gunn continues to watch central midfielders (this story about this lad Lumsdon) when we really need natural width and have more than enough in central midfield with Tudur Jones, Gill, Pattison, Adeyemi, Lappin and possibly Russell and Clingan who can all do a job there. I''m also concerned that Gunn''s previous problems with poor decision making and team selections will continue into this season as well. If I were to mark, right here, right now I''d give 7/10. Some positive signs, but still more to do. But I applaud the posters who have quite rightly suggested we give Gunn 10 games to show us what he can do. He knows he''s not the universal choice here (heck, I''d say not even majority choice), he must get it right and make a good impression. [/quote] I think this is a pretty good assessment of our current position. I like the fact you look at the good and the bad and give a balanced view. The Cureton position is very tricky for Gunn. Cureton has 1 year left on his current deal. Overall he would probably be in favor of letting him go but its unlikley anyone would eat the rest of  his contract especially at his age. Nobody is going to offer him a long term deal at his current wages. Cureton may be a useful squad player this year but if we sign another 2 strikers (Maric +1) it''s possible we could loan him out to get a portion of his wages off the books for part of the season. I think most fans (including myself) have some doubts on Gunns ability. That is totally understandable based on his lack of experience. I do think its fair to judge him this season based on the fact that this is a totally different squad. These are HIS players. The new Chairman supports Gunn but also issued the warning that Bryan knows its a results based business. My opinion is that if we are less than to top 10 by Christmas it will be seen as failure.
  5. [quote user="St. Cluck"][quote user="USAcanary"] [IMG]http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j12/dreamer_bj21/purists.jpg[/IMG]   [/quote] You still can''t join......     [/quote] Obviously I am not qualified.............. I don''t have a creepy hatred for women and I am hetrosexual.
  6. I think we have moved to the stage where we won''t struggle with current squad. It''s time to add the quality which will turn us into playoff contenders. (4-5 players) I still think we will splash some cash on a good striker before the season starts along with Maric. I do think it kind of hinges on us getting 750K for Clingan, probably why we are leaving it a bit late. Also in Bryan Gunns latest interview he noted how we lack wide players at the club which obviously means this is an area he is looking at. This was after talking about Whaley. Bit worried about our options at left back. Any injuries and we are really short of quality. Not good considering that AD hasnt the best record recently of being injury free. Even when he has played it seems he is nursing some kind of injury.
  7. [IMG]http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j12/dreamer_bj21/purists.jpg[/IMG]  
  8. [quote user="ncfclad"]I know its only preseason but I am still worried about Nelson, going on how Airdries striker easily got ahead of him for their 3rd goal we have reason to be worried. Personally I reckon a partnership of Doc and Stefanovic will be better anyway.[/quote] The good news is that if Nelson doesnt play well we have a ton of options at CB especially if we sign Askou as its looking likely.
  9. [quote user="lincoln canary"] http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/l/leeds_united/8156465.stm why couldnt we risk a similar thing with clingan? if we keep him we improve our chances of going up although risk losing him on a free, but theres a good chance he may well sign a new deal upon promotion. I really get the impression he is quite happy here. or we cash in on him and spend a 3rd of the transfer fee on two players who are not good enough and we end up mid table at the business end of the season. so thats my point why do our divisonal rivlas constantly show us the way forward wrt ambition?!   Keep super sammy clingan!!! [/quote] Errrr.......... did you forget the "little" matter of being offered 6 million for Fabian Delph......... They are probably now in a much better financial position to take the risk of running his contract down. Before the Delph stuff he went on the transfer list quicker than you can say boo! (and you cant blame them) From reading there were some inquiries from some champ clubs but they are not willing to pay much. Fryatt proved you can be poor in the champs and a worldbeater in LG 1 As I said before the club would keep Clingan if he was willing to sign a contract extension. Clingan obviously has a history of walking at the end of his contract so the financial risk of keeping him is huge. 1.1 million buys a lot of talent in the current free agent market.  
  10. Here is the quote in full.......... [quote] “That''s speculation,” he said. “Obviously at this stage of the season there is a lot of speculation about, some of it has some truth to it others completely off the mark, but it''s something we have got to put up with as a football club and we are working hard behind the scenes in our efforts to get players in. “When we get the medicals done and when we get the player''s signature on the contract we will tell everyone about it.” [/quote] That is NOT denying we are after Holt........... it''s saying he won''t confirm either way which suggests there is something in the rumor. After getting outbid for Dickinson I am thinking he is not commenting until any deal is done and dusted.
  11. [quote user="Yellow Rose of Texas"]Oh here we go again.... this concept of a Norfolk born NCFC supporter living overseas really does seem to be taxing some brain cells over there. American''s know full well what they mean when they say Football. And you know full well what is meant by Soccer. Its was BlyBlyBabes who first used the phrases "big girls football" and "big girls soccer", so perhaps "sharp" isn''t the best phrase to be using in regard to your powers of observation? This is supposed to be a FOOTBALL forum, we have different points of view about things, so knock off all the insults eh?[/quote] It''s second only in stupidity to................ if you want Norwich to do well you are either a board apologist or a Delia lover. Having been born/lived in Norwich most of my life (ST holder since the early 70''s) and having lived in the US for a number of years I am in a pretty good position to judge the merits/pitfalls of each country. The irony is I also run into dumb Americans who also have no clue about life in the UK. Conclusion............ [img]http://reynaelena.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/dumb_people_123.jpg[/img]
  12. [quote user="St. Cluck"] [quote user="Yellow Rose of Texas"]Unless there is more than one Cluck ..(apologies in advance if there is).... it seems he used to be just Cluck, then got promoted to Cluck is God, but now he''s just St. Cluck. So just one more personal relegation to go before your the same as the rest of us lowlife''s eh? Or is the next stop Rev. Cluck... By the way, for a obviously saintly man, the usage of the word "sheep" seems to be a little unfortunate ..[/quote] I am quite simply a magnificent being .... Worship me as you should.   [/quote] [img]http://www.brainfuel.tv/wp-content/uploads/2006/08/awesome_award.jpg[/img]  
  13. I think Leeds will be tough this year especially if they sell Delph for 6 million. Grayson is a pretty shrewd manager. Even if they only give him 4 million of the fee to spend, that buys a LOT of quality at  LG 1 level. I think as per normal for LG 1 all the teams with any kind of money/gates will be in the top 10. If the rumors are true of admin trouble at Charlton we should really push the boat out this year if Charlton get docked 10 points. We won''t have a better chance at promotion. Fryatt proved last year that you can be pretty poor at the champs level (13 goals in 88 games) and look like a world beater in LG 1 (31 goals in 50 games) 
  14. [quote user="glove1"] [quote user="row"]just seen sammy at odeon with his mrs, briefly stopped to ask if he was staying for next season, he replied that is the clubs decision, its completely out of my hands, this apitamises the clubs lack of ambition! always looking to make a quick buck![/quote] thats the type of answer i would give if out with my wife and getting hassled at the cinema [/quote] Exactly........ what did anyone expect..?........ "I am leaving for better wages and the fact I think I am too good for Lg 1 /Norwich" I am actually fairly certain the club would keep him if he agreed to sign a contract extention............. But it would cost the club roughly 1.1 million for the 1 year if he walks next year like Croft did. (750K fee plus wages) Even if we win promotion he could still walk.......... he did that exact thing with Notts F to come here.
  15. [quote] Cluck''s Norwich City F.C. Purist Group..... BlyBlyBabes. Smudger. The Butler. Shyster. Mello Yello. Mr Carrow. Sir Arthur Whittle. (Membership by invitation only. No sheep..Yanks or Women or Straight Men allowed). [/quote] Fixed your sig............
  16. [quote user="St. Cluck"] [quote user="ricky knight"]Here we go, same old.................................[/quote] It''s giving us realists plenty of ammunition for the forthcoming Div.3 humiliation anyway..... More fuel to the fire. Infact I smell smoke already....... [/quote] No, just hot air.................. You do seem genuinely upset every time Norwich win a game........... I don''t ever want to feel like that.
  17. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] [quote user="Carlos Valderrama"]From what I have seen and heard about him sounds like just the sort of player we need.  Dare I suggest that he reminds me a bit of Dean Ashton.... [/quote] fat, unfit and always injured then? jas :) [/quote] Would be nice if somone offered West Spam 10 million+ for him............ that would certainly help our transfer kitty.
  18. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"][quote user="Mustachio Furioso"] So, if this thread runs true to form expect bbb''s bumchum cluck to turn up soon with a vicious dig at the Board/Gunn/Team. [/quote] You''re getting rather ratty these days, Delia dear. Good. OTBC [/quote] [  ] makes sense [X] calls anyone who doesn''t agree Delia [X] needs new shtick  
  19. [quote user="colneycanary"]For a reported £1.5 million on a 4 year deal worth 20k a week. I think they''ve got a bargain and good luck to him![/quote] Interesting question? I agree the fee looks good value but is he better value than say........ Leroy Lita who would sign for less wages and no fee?
  20. [quote user="canaryjock"]Probably about 200 or so City fans so certainly not too bad at all. Including one very annoying guy sitting right behind me who kept shouting "oh come on lino" all the time, which became extremely annoying! Bridges played the last 20 mins and put himself about a bit but didn''t really have the time or opportunity to make an impact in truth. He came on when the heavens opened so the game turned a bit scrappy in the rain, plus we went down to 10 men after we took Hooly off for a precaution so we didn''t attack as much. Impossible to say whether we should sign him based on today really.[/quote] Thanks for the report. It doesn''t look like we are that keen on Bridges? But I agree he hasn''t had much time to impress. Maybe he might get another chance?
  21. [quote user="hogesar"][quote user="St. Cluck"] God almighty.... You sheep never bloody learn do you?.......... [/quote] I''m not convinced either way. HOWEVER, Gunn said, at the open day, specifcally "we need contracted players who want to play for norwich city". Many of us questioned if he''d achieve that in League One with an even further limited budget, but so far he has kept to his word and he deserves credit for that. Plus he signed my bag at fakenham, and is a really friendly bloke [:)] Not that my bag guarantees us promotion, but oh well. [/quote] LOL........You won''t get any credit from Cluck......... we could win every game in LG1 and Cluck would complain about Delias pies.
  22. [quote user="St. Cluck"] God almighty.... You sheep never bloody learn do you?.......... [/quote]  LOL ........It must really annoy you when Norwich win. Will you be ringing the samaritans if we get promoted?  
  23. [quote user="Lewie McDonald Im lovin it"]How much can we get for him? [/quote] I dont think we would look for any fee? Its possible we could loan him out to get the wages off the books?
  24. [quote user="Carlos Valderrama"]I personally dont care if he stays or goes.  But I think it may be fair to assume that Dumic and Stephens might be a smidge too young.  His wages must be a huge issue though.[/quote] Plus his age, plus the seriousness of the injury......... As I said I dont have any hard facts but I just suggested there are some huge question marks given we look keen on signing Askou. Its also worth noting that not only is he probably the highest paid CB, the oldest CB but also the shortest by a long way at 5 11" Its no secret that we have been looking to get bigger and more physical as a team.  
  25. [quote user="chicken"][quote user="USAcanary"][quote user="Brian Gunns Hair"] Still injured? He his on high wages aswell! I do hope he performes next season. [/quote] I have to say there are some huge question marks over his future at the club? At his age he may not make it back to being 100% with that serious an injury.. If we add Askou it tends to point to us having probably 1 too many CB''s His being probably the biggest wage bill it makes the most sense to loan or sell. I am sure that he could find a club in the champs willing to take him on. [/quote] Did you read what I posted? Its all been in articles on the Pinkun - Gunn has stated he is to stay or else why, in the same article, would he say that Clingen and Russell are to leave and say that Dejan is to stay to get fit for the start of the season? It has been stated by both the player and the club that his injury is past him and that he simply needs fitness and strengthening work. He is also not on as high wages as you are suggesting. And from the way people at the club talk he wasnt on a high wage to begin with - he wasnt up there with Fotheringham or Marshal even though he has a better track record and more pedigree. As for 1 Centre back too many. With Askou we would have four or five or possibly six depending on how you look at the situation. You have Stefanovic, Nelson, Doherty, Askou, Spillain and Dumic. So far in pre-season we have seen both Dumic and Spillane play at right back. If you look at how a lot of clubs blood their centrebacks they tend to put them at full back first - normally because as youngsters they have a bit of pace that can get them out of their misstakes and that they need to learn that underated skill of tackling. Good examples of this are players like Southgate who was played as a full back early in his career, Micah Richards, Silvestre, Shackell for us. In addition to that you have to consider we have a reserve side to run and we need to consider the future. Dejan is here for one more season on his current contract - he will be 35 come the end of it. Even if he does stay another season he will need replacing. Take an injury or two and then that defence would look bare. Spillain may be asked to play centre midfield if someone gets injured or suspended. One of the reasons we had no consistancy last season was because of suspensions and injuries. Kennedy and Dejan injured we had one centreback. If the same happened again or a player suspended we would be back to the same position. Add to that the fact that it meant players were in the team because they were the only ones to be in the team and not because they were playing well. We need a squad of players challenging for those positions - for that you need to be looking at two experienced pros in each position and a young professional fresh from the accademy. If we can afford to do that then we have plenty of competition for places which can only be healthy. The younger players could get loans and be recalled if injuries occur to other players or they may already be good enough to challenge for a first team spot as they are. [/quote] What about Stephens who has played nothing but CB on this tour? Even if we let Dejan go we still look pretty strong in this position if we sign Askou  
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