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  1. My word! I do believe I''m nearly wild with delight! Congratulations the NCFC in being very successful! Why, now I do believe those Behelzzebubs coming up and us going down might not happen. Life is short, sweet and very very happy. We are the holders of the purse and for that reason we should be thankful. I still love Gary Holt. Whatever.
  2. ...is it hell! Oh dear I''ve had a beer or two. Big UP to the BUNGAY massive and every single NCFC fan that ever walked this Earth. We''re up and running Boys - OTBC!!!
  3. Kevin Keelan. Ted Payne. Alan Black. David Stringer. Duncan Forbes. Max Briggs. Doug Livermore. Jim Bone. David Cross. Graham Paddon. Kenny Foggo. Steve Govier. Ron Saunders. Geofrey Watling. Enough Said. 
  4. It''s not worth replying to this nonsense. Why should Worthington go? Be realistic. If he goes we''re no better than the rest. What good would it do? Some knee-jerk replacement who hasn''t got the big picture - just his own ego to satisfy as somebody who has failed elsewhere. Look at West Brom - what a mess with some bloke in charge who couldn''t cut it at Bradford. Or Boro. If we go down with eight points, Worthy still in charge then so be it. I''d rather start in the Championship with him in charge rather than Dave Bassett, David Pleat, Micky Adams, Gerard Houllier, Hoddle (God forbid!) - the list is just endless. Stay calm. Enjoy the dosh next year. We''ll be back. Show the whole damn World that we are NCFC and we''re damn proud of it. We''ll come good. Believe.
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