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  1. I think you''re right, course they will. Doncaster, Munby, Gunn, Croft and Malcoln Robertson are the names attending the fans forum. Should be fun.
  2. I saw him play live on Sky for Crewe in League 1, he was great.
  3. His pace will be needed, if he decides to use it that is.
  4. Rudd, Otsemabor, Doherty, Spillane, Drury, Daley, Smith, Russell, Lappin, McDonald, Lee - seems ok. We need to get players in though.
  5. He''ll be a good player to keep for League 1
  6. We cant afford to keep him at £180,000 a year. He wont be here in August. The rest will I reckon though.
  7. i think they will ask doncaster to leave. board will stay the same through next year with the head of the carvery as manager.
  8. Why should I respect Gunn? He used to play for Norwich, great! He''s now an underperforming manager, great! I stick by my comments, never refusing an opportunity to mention his wife''s art and daughters modelling career or whatever she''s up to. I firmly stick by what I said. Ironically his worst result as Norwich manager was the 4-0 victory over Barnsley, if we''d have lost that we might have appointed a decent manager.
  9. He had 19 games in charge so had time to get us out of this. We were not in the relegation zone when he took over. He''s at fault too and needs to be held to account as well as the board. What annoys me is that Gunn lords it about, he loves the power, the limelight - just leave Bryan. Move on, get a new job outside of the club. Maybe you can do Art with your wife or promote your daughters modelling career instead of using Norwich City to promote your family.
  10. Well he kind of is because he had 19 games to get us out of this and he failed. We were not in the relegation zone when he took over. He''s failed and should also be held to account.
  11. Roeder was a c**t but i dont think we would have gone down with him in charge, we would probably have scraped through. Im glad he''s gone, but he had more than Gunn.
  12. Both were pointless appointmentts. They need to sod off too.
  13. I hope this protest does happen. I fear many people will say they will attend but bottle it at the last minute and watch from a distance or just not turn up. This needs to happen.
  14. Im sick of the Gunn family. Leave now please Bryan, you cant cut it.
  15. I did hear that Doncaster had asked for people not to ask questions about the clubs demise. I''m sure people will have their say no matter what. I think it could get quite heated between fans and board. I wouldn''t be surprised if Doncaster dodged the forum and let Munby face the music along with Croft (as player of the year) and Gunn. Gunn will love the limelight tomorrow, probably bring his family along for more publicity.
  16. I would assume our top earner is Cureton, Russell probably does ok too.
  17. Marshall, Doherty, Clingan, Russell, Croft will all leave, plus all the loan players.
  18. Anyone know how much our players are paid? Someone said Cureton is on 8 grand a week which is just unbelievable.
  19. Yeah a protest is a good idea. I cannot get there until 4pm so will miss it, but im 100% in agreement that something needs to be done.
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