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  1. I think he replies mainly because, with over 6,500 posts, he has f all else to do.
  2. Gary O''Neil has been good this season but the fact that we have to sing this song about him is a bit laughable.
  3. Bassong needs to leave. I''ll drive him to wherever he needs to go.
  4. So pleased for Ranieri. Typical Chelsea trying to get in on the celebrations by saying they ''did it for Ranieri''. Horrible club. This is the biggest shock in all of sport. Brilliant stuff. Well done Leicester City.
  5. Hoping Spurs show up at Newcastle is pretty D esperate, but I guess we are really.
  6. Oh and Wes. Weird that he hasn''t played a lot in recent weeks.
  7. Welbeck as he made the difference, but mentions for Howson, Pinto and Redmond.
  8. Alex Neil has had a dig at fans for ''giving up too early''. Not the best comment as you head to Arsenal second from bottom of the Premier League. Let''s show some f''n guts for once.
  9. Feel for Timm. One of few players to really do it for us this season. Fear for us massively now.
  10. For me, I''d play Bennett and Martin at CB. Whittaker at RB. Bassong can''t be trusted. Neither can Russ but I''d feel more comfortable with Bassong sitting in the stands.
  11. Paddy Davitt - Klose out for season and will miss Euro 2016.
  12. Lambert has never been the same since he lost Culverhouse and Karsa, huge parts of our success under Lambert. Without them, he seems to struggle. Remember those days with Roy Keane. If Lambert returned to us in the Championship, I predict that it would just be massively underwhelming. Always comparing him and his results to last time. It just shouldn''t happen. Ever again. We had our fun, he left us without a thought and would now take us back like a shot, but no, like a jilted lover, we need to move on. And have done. We have a superb manager. Remember, he''s only 34 years old and he''s already achieved so much. Imagine what he''ll be like with another 5-10 years under his belt. Be a shame if another club benefitted from that.
  13. Nah not for me. He lacks Karsa and Culverhouse too, who were obviously a huge part of our success during that time. Lambert returning to Norwich will never happen. Too much water under the bridge. We''d be going backwards, in more ways than one. Alex Neil is the man for the long term.
  14. Had Lambert given us one more season his career could''ve been so different. Had he led us to another mid table finish better clubs than Aston Villa would''ve come in for him, surely. He could''ve gone to Everton for example, which would''ve been a fantastic move for him. Due to his impatience, his career has taken quite the downturn. Lambert was linked with Celtic when he was here, we were top of League One at the time. His response to the link was ''teams play each other 3/4 times a season up there. I''m not interested in managing in that league'', or words to that effect. He''d take Celtic now though because beggars can''t be choosers. Funny how things turn out. Celtic would be a good move for him and eventually he may stop off to manage Scotland too but I for one thought he was destined for way more than that. Randy Lerner and Aston Villa killed his career really, but he has nobody to blame but himself.
  15. Would absolutely give him one more year. Whatever league we''re in, he shouldn''t be a starter but I bet he''s great behind the scenes too.
  16. I more predict Giroud to score, whether he starts or not, because he hasn''t scored in 14 and the next team he faces is us with Seb Bassong in defence.
  17. I also took it as the initial steps towards recovery. Although I have this perhaps false hope that he takes his place against Man United and leads us to unlikely victory. What a story it would be. We would f''n solid with Klose at the back.
  18. But if Norwich can''t go away to Swansea, Villa, Palace etc and get points needed, what makes you think Everton is a nailed on victory? Don''t get your logic.
  19. We are hardly amazing away from home. Plenty of evidence for that too. Plus, Stones, Barkley, Lukaku etc. Think it was a totally fair prediction.
  20. Nah, anyone with a slightly negative view on the remaining games is pulled apart on here. Don''t get it. Everyone, however negative or positive, is entitled to their opinion. Yes, people wanting us to go down just so they can be right - that''s a s hit attitude but someone having an opinion that doesn''t see us gaining positive results in the remaining games is fine. It''s just called an opinion.
  21. Some fair assessments of the final games. Anything but blind positivity seems to be lept upon on here at times.
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