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  1. Ed Balls is our Chairman. Let that sink in properly now. Ed. Balls. Mr. Edward Michael Balls. Jesus!
  2. It does feel very much like we are heading back to the dark days.
  3. Difference between us and Ipswich over these recent years has been that we had a football man at the helm in McNally and their Chief Exec, when appointed, was a self confessed non football man. Big difference. Like when Clive Woodward went to Southampton. Not football people in football doesn''t really work.
  4. I reckon he''d have resigned the day after the Everton game anyway. Tweets probably just brought things forward a little bit perhaps.
  5. I don''t think we should bemoan this announcement until we know how things are going to play out from here. McNally has been fantastic for Norwich, securing our financial situation, bringing in Lambert and Alex Neil. However, he''s also overseen the appointment of Chris Hughton and Neil Adams. We are also about to be relegated for the second time in three years. Let''s not pant wet and just see what the future holds. Respect to the man and what he has done here, but let''s just wait and see.I have to say, concerns me a bit that we''re now relying on Ed Balls for leadership....
  6. Is it not right to moan when newphew Tom gets the job then? I''ll check with you in future what I can and cannot moan about. Think that''s the best way forward.
  7. I was never convinced by this recruitment chap from Burnley. Especially after that embarrassing email he sent out on last day of window. Was shocked, but not surprised, that we were then the club to snap him up. What does Tony Spearing bring to the party? He''s been at Blackburn, Reading and West Brom. Hardly clubs that are renowned for fantastic recruitment...
  8. Cleaner to shovel some of the sh it spoken by our fans in the stands.
  9. Tweeting that to a 17 year old fan on Twitter both looks, and is, utterly pathetic.
  10. A Lambert return would be a sad state of affairs.
  11. He''s offered resignation. They''ve turned it down and are probably continuing talks tomorrow. That''s probably what''s happening. Goodnight!
  12. Have it on good authority that Bowkett left due to a major breakdown in relationship with McNally so hardly think McNally would leave for same reason as Bowkett, as McNally was that reason.
  13. He sent the tweet 40 mins ago. Hasn''t clarified anything and neither has the club. Guessing he wasn''t serious.
  14. It''s well run but we keep failing at this level. Maybe a change is needed to progress.
  15. Replied to a fan saying he''d resigned tonight.
  16. Someone said today that he was the ninth highest paid chief exec in the Premier League..................At least we''re top 10 at something.
  17. That''s exactly right. Unless we have anything better in mind, and we won''t, stick with Alex.
  18. Simply saying what a tough asking bouncing straight back is twice in three years.
  19. Relegated from the Premier League at the first time of asking. He''s made mistakes this season but I hope/think we stick with him. This huge setback will either make or break him as manager. Hard to say which way it will go. If it depends on our recruitment, I fear for him.
  20. Can''t see us bouncing straight back again if I''m honest. Had our chance. Blew it. Again.
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