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  1. Was a genuine question. No agenda. Calm down Nigel lad. Perhaps get out of the house...just a thought.
  2. Part of our football board apparently, also big part of our youth setup for many years. Just wondering what benefit this fella is to our club? Not being critical, just want someone to explain what it is he does here. Was he a player? Does he have good contacts? What''s the story?
  3. Why rush the appointment? Surely its even more vital to make the right appointment rather than just the quickest one? If we wanted a quick appointment, Steve Stone would have the job permanently by now. I believe its in hand and I trust that we will get it right. Delia, Michael etc have good contacts where this is concerned.
  4. Interested. Wigan reluctant, but willing to sell for right offer.
  5. Many called Alex Ferguson, Alec. Those who knew him personally anyway. Thought this was widely known. Funny that you thought it was a mistake though :-)
  6. No. He was great for us but new leaders can and need to be found. Can see him being a coach at Norwich in the future though.
  7. It''s tough to say as things seem a little uncertain at the moment. I think we''ll be back up within three seasons.
  8. Because they weren''t there mate. Home, armchair, radio, forum.
  9. People who are complaining about how us fans reacted at Carrow Road last night, get out of your armchairs, switch your radios to Radio Suffolk and go and support that blue s  hite heap down the road. All the best!
  10. Saying he didn''t want the job, but that they wanted the quick appointment of someone with a "deep, deep football knowledge" was music to my ears.
  11. Since McNally left, I''ve been impressed with Ed Balls. Said all the right things. Just hope it''s all backed up now...
  12. Last night was not what I expected. The fans were phenomenal. Yes, the team decided to turn it on when we were already pretty much relegated, but it just showed for me that whilst the players have tried this season, they are just not good enough at this level. Why boo that? The level of performance last night was not something this group of players were capable of sustaining. Again, why boo that? What would it achieve? The club know its not done enough this season, in every department. Alex Neil admitted as much. McNally''s resignation was an admission of this too. They don''t need boos and pathetic chants from angry, confused, lost teenagers to reinforce that.About 5,000 fans stayed behind to clap Man City around the pitch on Sunday and they''ll finish 4th/5th this season. I''d say around 15,000 stayed behind to clap our team and manager off the pitch last night, after finishing 18th/19th. To the OP, you''re quite right, this is a reflection of the fans. It''s called loyalty, mate. You support the club, not the league they''re in!
  13. Get rid of him! Typical shop window performance from a player I''ve seen perform only a handful of times since he arrived. He was scared of the United defence on Saturday, but as soon as we''re basically relegated, he turns it on. Pathetic. Get a decent fee and drive him to wherever he needs to go. Overrated.
  14. 16 years of nothing. Extreme debt. A likely relegation to League One before they''ll reach the Premier League again. I think we''re alright, don''t you?!
  15. Id steer clear of McCormack personally. Funny how a few years ago £12m bought you Wildred Bony. If only...
  16. Pleased with what he said in interview and to local written press. Alex Neil staying. Quick appointment needed. He doesn''t want the job. Wants to appoint someone with "deep, deep knowledge of football". He may not have charisma or be easy to listen to, but he''s said some very reassuring things there at a time when we need reassurance. People complaining that we don''t have a Chief Exec lined up already. McNally''s resignation came "out of the blue". They were not expecting it. It''s different to management when people can pluck your managers at anytime, you have to know the market. At CE level, it''s very different.
  17. Slightly better than Adams and Gunn? Wow. Wish people like you didn''t support Norwich. Your view shows you don''t know much so might as well stay away.
  18. May as well be the one to answer, Morty. With 29,831 posts, you clearly have the time...
  19. We must chant this many times over on Wednesday night. McNally''s resignation would be so much worse without Alex. We must let him know that all us sensible fans have absolute support for him.
  20. Here''s a thought, how about we just see what happens? He''d done some great things here and some not so great things, let''s relax and see what the future holds.
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