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  1. It''s also the fact that we''re seeing Villa and Newcastle sign players so understandable that we''d become a bit anxious about signings, especially considering last summers mess up.
  2. If this isn''t confirmed early this week, are we to assume the deal is off? The pessimist in me is fearing an out of the blue announcement from Bristol saying he''s signed for them.
  3. Proud that the county has raised so much money for the shop owners. Over £17k when I looked. Fantastic! Hope they can now rebuild and do better business than ever. The shop owners have every right to be here. What''s with all the rallies though?
  4. Doubt that''s true. The club were nothing but supportive of him. Just think Alex didn''t want any loan players in that final game. Be interesting to see where young Paddy Bamford ends up.
  5. Its a bit tin pot but they deserve their moment. A lot more respect in going out to a team with Ronaldo in it rather than a team with a Charlton Athletic winger as their star man.
  6. Mbokani said he didn''t want to play in the Championship. So I guess nobody needs to say whether he''s coming back because, the moment the whistle blew against Watford, he knew he wouldn''t be coming back.
  7. What''s he shown? He''s failed here, in France and in Spain. He scored against Rotherham a couple of seasons ago - that''s what some people seem to be basing his potential on.
  8. I know you''re not serious Morty, I mean other fans who say this.
  9. It''s weird that some fans actually want the wallets to be empty. Why? Why are you a fan? Why are you spouting unfounded rumours hoping to be right? You''re a fan. Jesus.
  10. Good info, cheers. I doubt the new CEO is holding up the Canos deal though. I have nothing to base that on other than the interim team Balls said were in place meaning contracts and transfers (out and in) can be completed without delay.CEO is not here yet because of reasons you''ve suggested. He/she either hasn''t be found yet or is serving notice somewhere. It''s not helpful that we''re operating without a CEO during a summer window. For all McNally''s good, landing us in this wasn''t what we deserved. Still, I''m confident we will make the right appointment.
  11. Alartz certainly loves using the term ''lol'', that much is for sure. Also, never heard him/her say anything remotely positive about Norwich City, ever. He/she is probably teething, hence why he/she always seems a bit ratty. Maybe needs to be burped. One of the two.
  12. Problen with Twitter is that when you question someone''s view, people then become ultra defensive. They don''t tweet to be challenged, they tweet to be right, hence his reaction. See being blocked by him as a positive. I would.
  13. Nah. Not good enough, not hungry enough. He''d be free but his wages would be huge. He has a certain lifestyle to pay for now. Sunderland fans kicked off when he tweeted a pic of his 250k lambogini. Not interested.
  14. Now more than ever, it feels like the right time. With lesser clubs than us being taken over almost weekly, surely we''re attractive enough for investors/new owners. I know you have to be careful, you only have to look at that mess down the road to see that, but this summer really feels like a bit of a turning point, the club is changing and I think we''d benefit from owners with a tad more ambition.
  15. We''ll know when we know. For all the positives he gave us, McNally landed us in it and this period of uncertainty is nobodies fault but his. It''s certainly not the fault of Ed Balls.
  16. Not after his bullying of youth players at Villa...
  17. ...has just joined Villa as First Team Coach. It''s quite clear we lacked experience within our management team last season and feel we could''ve benefited from someone like Kevin Bond to join our staff. I think the parting of ways with Mike Phelan was right because he clearly wanted the main job and once he was overlooked, it was never going to work between him and Alex Neil.I''m really hopefully we will not only start the season with a strong squad, but also with a management team with a touch more experience than we currently have. It''s just a question of who is out there. Perhaps the sort of thing Alex would discuss with a Chief Executive, if we had one.
  18. I''d love it to be named after a former player or manager but think we need all the money we can get at moment so will probably be sponsored by a company, perhaps willing to pay us a wee bit more.
  19. Depending on recruitment, I fancy Newcastle and Derby for the top two, us to get Play-offs but don''t fancy us for promotion this time around. Should be a good season though.
  20. Best player I saw at CR in our last Championship season. Was fantastic for Brentford that day. However, ideal signing for a newly promoted club. Sadly think he''s beyond what we can currently offer.
  21. Enjoyed it. Not as bad as some make out. No matter what they''d have done last night it would''ve got a predictable hammering.
  22. Thick & retarded. Think you just described yourself there, Craig.
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