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  1. Being a Colchester fan as well as a Canary, I''ve seen Halford play countless times. If people are thinking he''ll slot in at right back they''re mistaken. He hasn''t had a long run at RB since his first season (03/04) and is far more comfortable in the right wing slot which is something we need. Whoever is in charge in the summer should seriously consider making a bid for him. Great crosses, good shot, has a trick or two (meaning worthless wont like him) and is just generally a great prospect for the future.
  2. This isnt aimed at your post btw.   I think this situation is pathetic. We slag the players off and think it is our right to as we pay the wages, but as soon as a player makes a gesture or insults the crowd they are vilified. Greeno is a fantastic goalkeeper and as long as he keeps making good saves and playing well he can do or say whatever he wants to the crowd.
  3. [quote user="Justin Lee Collins - the messiah"] ITS GOT TO BE DONE - SHOW YOUR''E DISGUST [/quote] HILARIOUS Justin lee Collins is the least funny man on earth.       
  4. [quote user="chipster"] dont look for too much support on this site,its far "cooler" to slate players than support them, one bad game and he will be the subject of many posts saying what a waste of money he has been,that is three games on the bounce that he has been influencial and hard working,great to see him shut up all his detractors,when ever he has played he has given nothing other than 100 percent,you want to see players like that do well  [/quote]   Sadly you are right.
  5. [quote user="LinkNR9"] Herb - He is part of a defence in a team that is bottom of the table and has the worst goal difference in League 1. He was Player of the Season TWO seasons ago. Craig Fleming was our POTS two years ago - need I continue? "Scores late winner to upset the odds." He''s scored three goals in FOUR years, according to the official site. Hardly prolific! "Forest defence were unable to clear the ball several times and Izale Mcleod sent a header home unmarked after a ball from always involved full back Dean Lewington". So he puts in a cross for a goal from time to time. And...? Your point is? Even Andy Hughes does this occasionally! Footballers do, you know. Nice to see you shoot yourself in the foot again, Herb. Thank you.  You dont actually support Norwich do you?       [/quote]
  6. [quote user="LinkNR9"] "just stop and think about it you lot before you keep posting poisonous rubbish." With our results this season, we''ve had plenty of time to ''stop and think about it''. Today, Worthington did well, as did the team. However, for the majority of the season, we''ve been disappointingly poor, which is why so many fans are fed up at present. You''re obviously full of your own importance because you went to Leeds today - the need to mention it makes me surmise that it''s your first away trip, as the usual "away crew" don''t feel the need to do so - and you think that this gives you some right to say that anyone with a differing opinion to you is posting ''rubbish''. My advice to you is to grow up and wise up.   [/quote] My advice to you is stop being so far up your own arse.  
  7. I had the ''pleasure'' of sitting right next to the Leeds fans (in the lower tier) and a good many of them barely watched the match, instead just trying to start fights with the City fans. At the end, 3 boys down the front of our stand were having a laugh and started waving at the leeds fans. One was wearing glasses and must have been about 15, and some idiot, came right up to the fencing between the two sets of fans and started calling him a "four eyed t**t". Asiide from the crap fans, rubbish stadium, pants first half, I thoroughly enjoyed my day up North.
  8. The people at Crystal Palace have very kindly given me, my brother, my uncle and my uncles mate a refund for our unused tickets despite travelling y car. Only bad thing is, we''re using to money to buy tickets fro the Leeds match!
  9. Well, we left North Walsham at quater to 9, had to stop in Norwich for 10 minutes and got onto the M11 at 11. 5 Live had barely mentioned it, and we got a phone call about it 2 minutes after we got stuck!
  10. How many other fans were in the same situation as me and my brother, uncle and his mate were yesterday? We got stuck on the M11 for 6 hours!   The odd thing was although we saw disapointed Wednesday, Preston, Charlton and Plymouth fans, there were no other Canaries seen!   We cant have been the only ones surely? I didn''t get to the match, but was it as dire as I imagine?  
  11. [quote]I was there, didn''t boo (nor will I boo any player in a Norwich shirt, ever)The fact is this: No one knows what Francis has said regarding a move, his agent is the one who can''t keep his mouth shut.Re...[/quote] My thoughts exactly. I''ve not heard Damien say anything in regards to leaving us it''s all come from his agent
  12. I was disgusted to hear how much Damo got booed when he came on. Me, my brother and my uncle stood up and cheered when he came on and were abused by some of the more pathetic people sitting in the Jarrold stand. We then cheered him every time he got the ball and by the end the whole stand were cheering him. I wish he''d scored just to see what those halfwits who booed him would have done.   Charlton was bloody brilliant last night
  13. Inter have only sent 4 first team players for their tour With the ammount of sub likely to be used how many players will we have to shout ''WHOOOOO'' to?   Quick question: How old is 1st Wizard?    
  14. Sorry about the rubbish thread but I need to ask a question. Exactly how long is Damo going to be out for?
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