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  1. 1st Wiz, do you seriously think Nigel will pack up everything he has built here over the last 3 years just because he isn''t given £x for one player, who may not even make any difference? It simply isn''t going to happen and even if it did where on earth would he go, Southampton (internal strife), Newcastle (internal/external strife), he''d be a fool to jack it all in, and he won''t. I''m afraid Wiz some of your comments on this thread have surprised a few people, myself included, and I think you need to look at where we are now, not where you obviously want(expect?) us to be. We are 4 games into our first premiership season for 9 years and already people are slagging off players and demanding changes, not really what''s needed at this stage I''m afraid. Lets enjoy this season and whatever it may bring without moaning and groaning because we haven''t signed some championship striker! We have achieved so much in three years and will continue to do so this year, and IF we go down we have the resources both playing and financial to seriously mount a challenge and return stronger.
  2. Read this, don''t think I need to say more! http://www.canaries.premiumtv.co.uk/page/FirstNewsDetail/0,,10355~463883,00.html
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