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  1. Inpsectorprawn, I agree with you that the club is by and large well run, and the buy back scheme has it''s merits - I was just pointing out what I considered to be a flaw in it. The fact  I don''t think everything is perfect with this scheme is not influenced by the current situation with the manager.  
  2. All this talk of a witch hunt is absolutely ridiculous, certainly as far as I''m concerned. When I tried to ''sell'' my ticket back to the club I was in the process of buying a ticket for the Northampton game and I was disappointed that they couldn''t discount the fiver off the price of that match ticket, it wasn''t the £5 thing that bothered me just the fact that I wouldn''t get it back till next season.  I may have had unreasonable expectations on this, admittedly, but witch hunt? - get a grip.
  3. I enquired about this because I couldn''t make the Reading match and they said they would only give me the £5 off next years season ticket. Hardly an offer i couldn''t refuse and I ended up giving it to a mate for nowt. I think this is shocking, really.
  4. Aside from the fact he''s a defender and not really what we need, I for one wouldn''t want him to come here. All he did last time we went down this road was use us to get a better deal at Portsmouth, IMO,i don''t think he had any intention of coming here. Agree we would probably end up playing him in midfield or in goal anyway.
  5. Am i the only one who feels a little sorry for Thorne. We have seen next to nothing of him due to injury  and when he has played, Worthington has introduced him with only a few minutes left of matches. Give him a chance -his record is good in this division.
  6. Jas, I could be wrong here but I think the bad blood with Steve Bruce goes back to his departure to Man Utd back in the day. It was a long while ago but if memory serves me it was more than a little acrimonious as we were struggling at the time on the pitch.
  7. Judging by the performances I have witnessed this season and when you add the rumours emerging tonight of dressing room unrest, i have to say I consider it a possibility. If the players are not giving their all (and there is enough evidence of this) then we are in trouble.
  8. Personally, I''d go for Jim Smith - he has always done ok as a manager in his own right, and is currently available. He''s not the youngest but he''s not that old either and has a wealth of experience.
  9. [quote]" He appears to have as little contact with the team as possible, his subtitutions are bizarre at best, his team selections equally so, his ability at man management is also questionable, his phraseol...[/quote] I know you were joking MadDan, but I have felt for a long time that it would''nt do Worthington any harm to watch the game (or at least part of it) from the stand. You get a different perspective from further back and I''m sure had he done this last season Gary Holt would''nt have played as many games. Surely it would be worth a try.
  10. Barclayendboy, I''m pretty sure it was John Deehan who kicked the ball that hit him- still the funniest moment for me also- he was all over the shop.
  11. As much as I like Shackell, there''s no way we can drop the Ginger Pele on current form.
  12. I have to agree Davenport would be a fantastic signing - the money would be better spent IMO  on him than it would have been on Morrison as this is more of a problem area for us (current freak injury crisis aside) although he almost certainly will cost more than we wanted to spend on Morrison. It cant be a coincidence that the defence has tightened up since he came in and all of a sudden the Ginger Pele looks like a different player too alongside him. We can only hope.
  13. Amarillo, I''m not sure if we can extend his loan to the end of the season - i thought season long loans had to be agreed before the season starts. If this is so the earliest we could buy him would be January but as his loan runs out in December we would be without him for a few weeks anyway until window opens. If anybody knows the ruling on this please post as I''m not 100 sure on this.
  14. You  should compare Hughes with Gary Holt on this one. Holt was the worst player i have ever seen play for us and although Hughes has his flaws he gives the team so much more than that clown ever did. I think he has improved every game after a shocker against crewe and will be vital if we are going to achieve anything this season.
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