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  1. Don''t forget (and I believe I''m right) - we still have chance to bring others in on loan? not sure we would, but you never know..
  2. not quite that good! 8 Goals in 15.. 6''3", 25 years old..
  3. Actually, I''ve had the strange ''fortune'' of seeing two Derby games recently - and he has looked pretty good (admittedly against Coventry and a woeful Forest).  He''s scored a fair few this season, and a derby supporting friend said he hoped no-one realised he has been scoring as they want to keep him.. He''s no Ronaldo, but he''d be another svensson type I imagine.  Where are we being linked by the way?
  4. Having seen him at a reserve team game, I have to say he''s no Rooney, Saviour, next big thing or whatever (IMHO!!!, but what do I know!)  He looked OK, but not great - I guess if he''d have been good enough he''d be playing.  I''ve however always been quite impressed with Henderson when he''s played, I think as long as he got his hair sorted he''d be useful...
  5. My mates a WBA fan, who was asking why on Saturday we were chanting ''we hate Wolves & Ipswich'' - and couldn''t understand why we''d single out Wolves. I can''t remember why, but I''m sure you lot can! I did know...Cheers
  6. You are barking mad. Mckenzie and Svennson? I bet that would make opposition defences poop themselves. If it weren''t for him, we wouldn''t be here, simple as that.
  7. Nuts. I was there for the first half, but was knackered and bored so went home ''cos it was 0-0!! Ah well...
  8. Can someone help me on this one - are we allowed any more loan deals until January, or have we got what we''ve got until then? If we can loan players, I wouldn''t be surprised if we get someone in that way. If we can''t I am surprised - its a long time until January and it only takes a couple of injuries and you''re screwed, malky would be good to have around.
  9. Lets not get carried away - top ten?? We''ve not won a game yet - though of course, I have been really impressed. What we are talking about is we''ve got a fighting chance of staying in the divison.
  10. He''s 23/24 sort of age. I said in the ''right back'' thread I think he''s only a bit part player. I''ve not got anything against him, I thought he would be a Drury but down the right. It''s just not happened, and I don''t think it will.
  11. Methinks you''re right mate. Bloomin marvellous!
  12. No way, sorry. It might be a huge bet to stay up without spending much money, but it is a safer one than spending £5-7m. You spend the money, and yes, you might be lucky and stay up. It would still be more likely (sorry to be pessemistic) we would spend that money and go down, and then you''d be stuffed. The club don''t have £5m spare anyway. Its a business, not a fairytale. How many millions did Man City and Spurs have last year, and how rubbish were they. Yet what did Bolton and Portsmouth spend?
  13. An NHS Finance manager in a large London Hospital. Zzzzzzzzzz.....
  14. That would make sense! I didn''t realise he could play there too. Well, lets hope we get him then!
  15. Is anyone else a little peturbed by the cover at right back? We seem to have oodles of left sided players (Drury, Shackell, Charlton, Brennan), but down the right we have, well Edworthy, and Briggs. At right back, Edworthys Ok, but Wolves released him before the premiership, and I think he''s in the ''solid pro'' category, shall we say. And Briggs is still knocking about but I can''t think that NW is particularly thinking about him, he is mid twenties and was obviously not good enough to replace Edworthy - even when he was injured NW played Holt there! If he''s not good enough for Div 1, then the premiership is going to be a ''challenge'' for him. What do others think?
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