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  1. Hi its me again!! Just like to wish all you good luck against fulham it is really just too tight at the moment obviously i want us to win and you three to draw but if its not us who stay up i hope its you who do you think will stay up ? Wba You Palace Southampton? its going to be some day on sunday and i know im going to cry whatever happens!! what about you any of you going to fulham?
  2. you know now how albion felt versus you portsmouth southampton away palace and many other games im sure southampton will go down i hate their guts! its up to the 3 promoted teams really
  3. i think a draw would have been fair norwich were so unlucky rong decision to take dean ashton off in my opinion well its to bloody close but good luck and may the best team stay up
  4. i cant believe it 3-3 mckenzie scres 47th minute what a game! im watching it online i dnt know what result i want if you want to watch the game online  just contact me on my email and ill give you the details!
  5. id like to wish you good luck in staying up i am a very dissapointed albion fan but still believe that we can stay up if we dont id like norwich to stay up just for the memories on match of the day and superb goals comebacks etc all i can say is that if norwich stay up im sure you will have enough ability to go even further and make yourself someone like birmingham who you know will stay up in the prem good luck anyway yours truly jon tassa
  6. lol im sorry i dont normally watch norwich but u did grit and work hard but my honest opinion i thought the better team lost HOWEVER we could not take all our chances which is a must for premiership survival   and btw i think calling me a tossa is immature and frankly boring o ye and original
  7. i cant see earnie would go to you we outplayed yesterday fairplay for the fighting we just lack that extra edge in defence earnie will not leave us but gera will and i cant believe you think you will stay up in my honest opinion i think noriwch are the worst team in the permiership you realy too heavily on hux
  8. i think the albion will do well if my memory serves me right you have small defenders? if so campbell will do well and earnshaw will be able to knock them in HOWEVER we do not have the concentration of a prem team should be a good game
  9. [quote]About this season and both are huge clich├ęs ! 1) If you get a chance, you MUST take it It''s not like the 1st Div up here. In previous years we could probably rely on the fact that if we created h...[/quote] look at west brom if we could have held on to the games against bolton, pompey, palace and fulham that would be 10 extra points concentration is a must for survival
  10. hello west brom fan here anyone looking forward to the game its going to make or break either of our seasons what are you thoughts on worthington and co? wheres the nearest pub to the ground?! speak to you soon  
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