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  1. Sorry that smiley was supposed to be at the end of my post!! in reference to Villa park!
  2. When I spoke to the Box office about this before the end of the season, I was told that they sent a letter to the first 1700 fans on the list informing them that they will get first refusal on the new seats to be added. I never recived such letter and although that couldn''t tell me where I was on the list or exactly how many people where on there (have no idea why or how they can''t) but was lead to believe this was only about half the list, i''ve been on there for best part of a year now!! So to easy the torment I went ahead and purchased an away season ticket for next year!! Which ways Villa park!!
  3. The F Word

    Statistically , PL is the best weve had!

    Correction! He will of course not manage that feat, as he was on the mastermind end of our demolition at home to Colchester on the first day of the legue 1 season!
  4. The F Word

    Sky advert

    Wrap up!! Jesus.. You must feel so lucky if this is your biggest gripe in life, if you have a life that is..