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  1. Members 4 18 posts Report post Posted just now Still obsessed with us? I thought I would pop in and see how your one way deluded rivalry was with us. Only 2 more goals to go before we match your pitiful total from last season and we aren't in the bottom 3 propping up the rest.
  2. How kind. An entire thread devoted to Leeds Did you honestly think that you would stay up with no investment and win 4-3 in the premier League week in week out? The reason Sheffield United are where they are is because they went up with a tight defence whereas you went up playing good attacking football but never addressed your defensive issues. You don't get Richard Keogh types playing week in week out up there do you? Don't get me wrong, you deserved to go up, but I would question your own clubs ambition. instead of ours. Leeds will be fine and no great shakes but mid table should be achievable.
  3. If Leeds or Norwich miss out on automatic, I would imagine that they are more than good enough to do it through the play offs. As a Leeds fan I would be gutted if we missed out since we have been top two most of the season, but if you asked me at the beginning of it? I would have snapped your hand off for 6th. No one expected either of us two to be up there and whatever happens it has been a great season
  4. They are doing something right and they will try and park the bus at ours and try to do us with a set piece. If they want to play their high uptempo game against us then they will get carved apart. I fancy this being like us against West Brom.
  5. I think we will oblige and the momentum is with us now. A packed Elland Road on Saturday and a potential 5 point gap at stake. Leeds and Norwich will be up before we eat our Easter eggs.
  6. Back over to you. The top 3 are really running away with it.
  7. Pressure back on you lot. Nice to chat with decent fans and if we were both honest. Play offs would have been good enough after last seasons respective debacle. Best two footballing sides in this division by a country mile and deserve to go up
  8. We hammered them at theirs earlier in the season in a 1-1 draw. Adam Reach scored a worldy that he'll never score again. Our problem is trying to walk it into the net and not taking chances. We have slacked off this half.
  9. This wasn't an easy game for Leeds. Our record at Reading is terrible. One win in 9 at theirs and who is your horrible club away from home? Another one we have is Brentford away.
  10. Just had a look at the stats and they are bossing them in every department. 16 shots against 8 and 66% possession.
  11. Leeds and Norwich top two and I do not care who wins it outright. S club 7 were massive when we were last there.
  12. Leeds and Norwich are going up. We have both hit form at the right time. Lets hope that Brentford can turn it around and get something against 10 men. You really want us to win on Saturday and then it opens up a gap. You have to beat Hull first and they are no pushovers.
  13. That is how it usually works AJ and Millwall are not going to lay down and hand you 3 points when they need them for survival and the steel city derby on Monday will be a draw. The pressure is back on you two. This is going to go to the wire.
  14. Norwich and Leeds will go up automatic and we have both played some good football this season. Best footballing sides in the division on our day. Hammering West Brom 4-0 will breed confidence and that should put them out of contention. We will beat Sheffield United and open up a gap and then its just a race for the title between us two and then we will remind that clown Ian "Moose" Abrahams of how crap we both are. Good luck Norwich fans for the run in.
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