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  1. [quote user="SwindonCanary"]I did read some where that Delia has given as a percentage of her income, more that any other club owner ![/quote]

    Can we please (just for a moment) forget the money. It''s her ability to run a Club, hire and fire appropriate board members/management with which we have an issue! Please don''t tell me that she does not make these decisions, Delia makes the final decision on everything much like Fred Goodwin did for RBS. Unfortunately the end result for both of these ''institutions'' is likely to be the same!

  2. It matters not how much money she''s got (that was accumulated from her ability to bake buns/write decent cook books). The fact is she has proven time and time again that she knows nothing about football. As I have said previously this would matter little if she recruited those that did, not from her list of so called celeb friends (politicians/comedians/family) who have generally even failed at what they did. The key people that DID have football knowledge have all left, probably out of acute frustration!

  3. [quote user="Herman"][quote user="Thisisbabyish"]If I was a successful, multi-millionaire business woman I probably wouldn''t be looking for advice from Derek from Derby on how to run my empire, or any other yokel, poundworld dwelling inbred looking to spew his two-penneth after a few dodgy weeks at the office![/quote] [Y] [:D][/quote]

    This is the problem Herman, she does not seek advice and unlike real business people (eg R Branson) she does not surround herself with sufficiently qualified individuals capable of giving advice!

  4. Come on Delia,'' let''s be avin you''....out of our Club!

    A couple of recent wins may placate a few of the fickle fans but realistically you have turned our Club into a shambles.

    Whatever we thought of Moxey (he was yet another costly wrong appointment) we have now lost two chief execs and a decent chairman under your watch and we are back again to a board without a clue about football.

    The real problem with our Club sadly remains!

  5. [quote user="Alan"]One difference is that there is a reported £3 million loan fee for the season with Chris Martin to soften any outcry.

    I don''t know if £3 million is correct but if the buy out figure is £9 million then it sounds about right.[/quote]

    This is the amount of money that our clowns peed against the wall!

  6. [quote user="Thirsty Lizard"]What are you actually talking about?[/quote]

    Have you been asleep for the past few years? I''m talking about our board''s/manager''s propensity to say one thing and then do another.Particularly in regard to recruitment of managers/players. They know that fans have, in general, short memories and that it takes only one win to ''bring them back on board''.

  7. Transfer windows under this management/board nothing ever happens!

    Rumours abound, our players are priced out of the market, and we whinge about asking prices.

    Why? Because the people that control run our Club simply have not got a clue! If they had a clue Sat''s visiting boss would still be running our Club and he would have continued to build a Club that we all could be proud of instead of the laughing stock it is now!

  8. [quote user="TCCANARY"]6ft 3ins.Big Mac!

    [/quote]Yes big lad, but in 18 appearances has not scored this season. Although  (as a defender) he will not be bought for his goal scoring ability, if he was any good in the air you would expect somebody of that size to have converted at least one corner in 18 matches. That''s all part of the central defenders brief these days.

  9. [quote user="greavsy"]http://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/norwich_city_make_bid_for_barnsley_defender_angus_macdonald_1_4853570

    With a name like that, he''s got to be top of ANs transfer list.

    Anyone know what he is like? Not one I''m familiar with.[/quote]Released by Reading a couple of years ago after they confirmed his contract would not be renewed!

  10. [quote user="morty"]Ah right, now we see the real point of the thread.[:)][/quote]The point of the thread is that whether we are:Arranging pre season friendliesRecruiting Players, Board Members, ManagementUnderstanding/rewarding our fantastic support baseWe are very definitely ''Fourth division''! (this is just further evidence.)

  11. Jez Moxey says:“You might go and buy two players and do it quickly, you haven’t quite

    researched it properly and it doesn’t quite fit, then you are worse off

    for it."Can''t imagine that would happen at NCFC Mr Moxey. You might finish up buying players that would only  serve to warm the substitutes bench. No no you need n''t worry that would not happen to us!Jez if that''s the best you can offer after the events of the past few weeks think it would be best to remain quiet.

  12. [quote user="shefcanary"]Guys

    I mentioned way back when (well when the announcement of the headhunters was news) that having them on board meant it would be impossible to have the new CEO in place before the end of August! Why? Well that company will not want to risk damaging it''s Professional Indemnity insurance and thus will have to demonstrate that they have done everything by the book. Which means a thorough and extensive search of potential candidates, deep testing of the long list before presentation to the NCFC board, with further testing of the candidate CV''s by interviews between the headhunters and the candidates, before even a short list is drawn up by the board for them to interview. Then there is the interview process, throw in holidays and getting the board all together in one place for the interviews. Then there is the negotiation with the preferred candidate (and his lawyers) before there is any consideration of notice periods!

    Exactly what form that notice period is will very much depend on the attitude of his existing employers - some hold the chosen person to work out their contractual notice period, others insist on gardening leave (although if the incoming CEO is from another football club I think by gentleman''s agreement this won''t be adhered to), others still are happy for the person to leave straight away with their blessing. But most will insist on their own replacement being lined up before releasing their man.

    Believe me having been in the position of managing such a process with external advisers, it ain''t no one week scattergun approach that getting a new manager in is usually. It took over nine months when I last did it, involving two searches when the first preferred candidate pulled out, and that was with a foreshortening of notice period.

    If the interview stage has been passed there may well be a lot of informal exchange of information before the new CEO starts, with advice being offered on contractual matters and targets. It might also be why the Canos transfer has yet to complete because getting the deal tied up may be linked to the new CEO giving the deal a once over.

    So calm down, Stoney is here for the interim as shown by the fact he is attending a fans forum on 22 July, Irvine being on the team will hopefully add experience to ensure the right moves are made.[/quote]

    ...........and by the time that has all been completed ShefC with what we have left running our Club we will v likely be heading south to League One!
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