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  1. I regularly view many of the posts here but do not regularly comment. However, the recent vitriol aimed at all in sundry is just completely over the top. As many have said, 1st Wizard, only a short time ago you were so full of praise for the team, the way we were playing and just how NW with MH''s assistance had turned things around. Now I just wonder where we would all be if we had not conceded late goals and very late goals against Southend and Palace............7th, just behind the leaders. Yes poor displays at Coventry and Plymouth have been seen as unacceptable but in between was not all that bad. Unlucky one could say but not really bad. Hucks being out has cost us - we would have beaten Palace with him and perhaps would have performed better at Plymouth. But the real problem is our lack of depth and just where does the blame lie for that? Not totally with NW who I believe cares about what he does, does want to win and has proved it in the past. His hands have been financially tied and he has been left with no real options to back up a threadbare unit. I have sympathy with him. Yes he may not be Mr Adventurous. Yes he may appear to be dour at times. Yes he does trot out the same phrases. But don''t forget that we played some good football in the early part of the season. But for some stupid defending - is that all his fault??!! - we would have been much better placed. Maybe we should be less harsh in our abject criticism of this man. It is the team who have let us down too - infighting between midfielders will not lead to team spirit at a good level during the match. This is not to say that NW is the long term man for us but too many are just jumping on a "get rid" bandwagon. Who on earth will come here with the same financial restrictions? Who of any note, that is?! At least we should be backing NW and the team for the next while instead of the mindless, no-real-answers crap we see all too often on this board. I for one want the team to win, play well and climb the league starting on Sunday. Anyone who does not want that should hold their head in shame!
  2. Nigel Quashie is one of the best controlling midfielders we have seen at Carrow Road. A couple of seasons ago in a 0-0 thriller (we did deserve to win) he was outstanding. For me he is as important to Pompey as Graveson has been to Everton and I cannot see him being left sitting around for long. If we could have him here, for me he would be the missing bit of the midfield jigsaw.............I would love it but I don''t think so................
  3. I agree on the positive note............we have much to be proud of at the moment and we siand on the threshold of what could be a great season. In overall terms we have a very good team...........obviously the best from last season''s division. However, the difference in class of player between where we are to where we have been is huge. Half of Euro 2004 will play at CR soon! What we have is a team that has been put together bit by bit by a man and a board that belive in itself rather than by those that just throw money at a situation because they can. We should be proud and positive for them, the team and for ourselves. Yes it will be tough for our defence with some of the lighteningly fast attackers they will come up against. Yes Hucks will not be able to stroll past defenders as he did last season. Yes we will not see as many wins as last season.............but with self-belief and the extra class added by NW (hopefully some more to come) we will be more successful than some think we will be - particularly some binners I know! So........we will be truly behind the team, whatever it is, come the first game and carry it on throughout the season. For whatever happens, we have we waited a long time to be back up there and we will enjoy every breathing moment....................
  4. No..........and we don''t want him anyway. He is injury prone, gets sent off far too often and is right old pain in the bum to manage. No way would NW want this guy in the team. And this from a Scot..................
  5. A great night at the Stadium of Light, despite the trials and tribulations of getting there. I would just like to pay tribute to the Sunderland fans. Many of them stayed behind to applaud our lads as we and they celebrated. On the way out of the ground, I lost count of the number of Sunderland fans who congratulated me and wished us all the best. This was the same on the park and ride bus. Of course, they were happy they had made it to the play-offs but nevertheless, I have never come across the opposition being as happy for us as we were for ourselves. They are a credit to their club and I really hope they make it up with us - despite the long journey there!!!
  6. Could not agree more................this delightful lady and her husband have given their all to the club through thick and thin. At our final game against Preston, I am sure that she will be on the pitch and may say a few words to the fans. I would love to see her receiving a few words herself in praise for what she has done or even a presentation to her and Michael from the fans in recognition of what they both have done. Surely the web team can have some influence/say/talk to those who can and make this happen. Sue it would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I think everyone echoes DDIM''s thoughts. To have sat through some of the games this season has been magical and yet many of the more recent ones have been so nervy and full of tension. But now you can taste the success, feel the grip of the Premiership drawing us in - what a great feeling! Even there, for however long we stay, games will be exciting not nervous because we will enjoy ourselves. We are not expected to do too well and so every game will be a step into the unknown but yet full of pleasure. For a long time now, we have dreamt of being there but not just to see City - the likes of Henry, van Nistelroy, Giggs et al at Carrow Road will be hopefully magical to watch (hopefully not too magical). We are moving into a different stratoshpere - it is down to Worthy, the team and the most fantastic set of directors you could hope for. Not forgetting us, of course, who have shouted, sung and backed the team in almost every game. I feel the joy too, DDIM..............roll on August!!!
  8. Warnock is the biggest moaning git of a manager. Everything, and I mean everthing, always is against the Blades. Even when they are hacking lumps out of the opposition, they are angels in Warnock''s eyes. Too true about the equalising penalty - they still had plenty of time to turn things around. I for one would be pleased to see his team not in the play offs but they probably will be - just a mini shame we will not be there to see him moaning and groaning even more!!!!!!! Great article about what is needed to get promotion - 5 wins and we are there or maybe even 4 and a couple of draws. Let''s get the ball rolling again on Saturday.
  9. Kevin Cooper did a good job for us in the second half on Saturday. He was happy on the ball, looking for it and assured when moving forward. He has been there before and at this stage of the season, he is a good man to bring in. He will allow Holt/Francis/Mulryne to operate in the middle and gives McVeigh a chance to play on the left where he is at his most effective. Cooper should definitely start and he and Edworthy will be a good force down the right. On Saturday, we sorely missed Drury. Brennan would have been good in his place - sadly, not to be. Shackell is a centre half and does not attack down the left - this was missing for the team and meant that Huckerby and Svenson were chasing about far too much up front in very difficult circumstances. Let us hope Drury gets back quickly - if not, Brennan - hopefully both! Once this section of the team is restored, with Cooper on the right we have a good back 4, a good balanced midfield and the best attacker in Hucks in the division. This will see us thru the next 9 games. Palace and Cardiff were always going to be difficult - not tragedies for us as long as we can get the right balance for the remaining fixtures. Others will drop many points too!!
  10. Huckerby is undoubtedly one of the best things to happen to Norwich for many a season. At the moment, he is the difference berween us making it and not. Sitting in the Barclay, I have seen two occasions fairly closely when he has gone over in the box. Once, he was booked and the other was on Saturday when to me it looked as if he fell over himself. I am concerned that he will get the wrong reputation. Everyone uses the rules and bends them a little. But maybe, just maybe, he will go too far at times. He has great speed and will use this to best advantage. My great concern is that referees will not give what look like cast iron penalties when there are so many softer claims going on. I am not calling him a diver, but I would like him to look at his behaviour in the box. What do you think?
  11. Every team has its share of journeymen - Easton just happens to be one of ours. He will never ever set the heather on fire and sometimes he can be diabolical. But, he can fill a role when required as long as we do not expect too much of him. He is not as good as our other midfielders, which is why he is not in the team. Also, reaching the dizzy heights of near Premiership status, playing well, and looking forward, of course he would not make the grade. But........if we were to lose one midfield player thru injury, he would have a more meaningful part to play. As we step up the gears in performances (hopefully!!) as we have done this season, his relative lack of talent is seen. Worthy will probably want him there as a stop gap in necessary circumstances. Stop being so harsh on him.............we all have our limitations and he is probably not costing the earth to employ for the time being. You never know............he may just be there to score the all important goal at Crewe!!
  12. Foreign...........mmm..........let''s see...........Malky, Holt, McVeigh, Mullers, Roberts, Brennan, Svensson.........to name but a few..........now is that half the team or not!!!! Only joking, Mook.......................
  13. I could not agree more. Everton ball boys were very professional. For too long at home we have used little kiddies who had not a clue about getting the ball back quickly when needed. It seems to be better now with one ball boy behind each goal with a responsibility and a knowledge to get the ball back in play asap (unless Greeno says otherwise!). Let''s hope they are all trained properly and we use older boys all around the groung who know what is expected of them. May be hard on the very young kids but it is much more professional.
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