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  1. Hi NMTD, Excellent post! I thought with a curry, a beer and a sleep I thought I''d feel better... now I just feel angry. More to the point - the fanzine days of the 80''s / 90''s. They were the days. We had some real heroes to hang our efforts on... I recently found some of the cartoons I scribbled for The Citizen & NMTD - great stuff. I remember how Chase became an increasingly isolated figure as his plans for the Barclay and the redevelopment of Carrow Rd for commercial gain were ridiculed - I know the fanzine output had a voice and it counted. It must have done - at the centenary exhibition at the Castle Museum one of my front-cover cartoons was included so they obviously took notice of us. So now is the time. If anybody needs cartoons for any fanzine output let me know. We can do this - we can have a real voice that is heard by the numpties and no-marks who are driving this club headlong into obscurity. OTBC! Apron J Thick aka One of many Thame Canaries
  2. Just back from the match. Was it me, or have I just witnessed the most inept, ridiculous display from a referee ever seen at ncfc? Andy D''Urso was unbelievable - what have we done to him? Stolen his cat? Cursed his Mum? Maybe he had a bad trip on the Broads or something. Poor old Dion was getting slammed, pushed, barged and he kept blowing up against him - this was just the tip of the iceberg. Bad refs usually foul up both teams decisions - for some reason this joker''s foul-up ratio was heavily against Norwich. Still, it did stir the crowd, bench and team and spurred us on to an excellent win. On a more positive note - what a great result on the day that commemorated Graham Paddon - he would have loved to have been out there... Loud and Proud to be OTBC!!
  3. Graham Paddon. What a star. We started our own junior team, Kings Road Rangers, in Bungay in 1971 and played our games on Bungay Common amongst the rabbit currants and pot-holes. To try and get some funds to improve our lot we held a charity game against Bedingfield Eagles (I think) from Halesworth and Mick our manager invited Graham along to try and bolster the attendance. At the time City were in the first promotion season to the top division and Graham Paddon was the name on everybody''s lips - golden hair, thunderous left-foot dead-ball kicks and his superb long throws! As if he''d turn up on Bungay Common on a wet Sunday afternoon. But sure enough, there he was. A crowd of over 500 swarmed around him and he signed each and every autograph, watched our match and shook our hands at the end, smiling and chatting to all around. I never forgot that day and I never will. And I''ll think of it as I stand at Carrow Road on Saturday with his picture I had stuck on my bedroom wall held high. Deepest condolancies to his family and friends but be comforted in the warmth and respect for one of our greats. OTBC
  4. What amazes me about these phone-ins is that the sanctimonious patronising people who run them (none more so than Alan Green on 6-0-6) are amazed when somebody does show some passion. I''d just sat through the same dire rubbish as Bernie - trotted out by a load of journeymen the majority of whom probably can''t even place Norwich on a map. I was livid. They treated him like he was some crazed yokel who shouldn''t dare to have an opinion - they even laughed! They don''t accept any criticism and can''t see the woods for all the perks they get for being associated wth the club through Rodeo Bleedin Norfolk And then for Rab C Nesbitt to doubt my support after prancing about on the touchline like somebody out of Riverdance as his team pass sideways, pass to the opposition, pass into touch and finally pass on two points.I would crawl over broken glass to see NCFc - always have done - Bernie would - how many of that lot out there on Saturday would? Not many. Sorry Rab - you''ve lost me and you''ll have to do alot more than say "this football club" every 5 minutes to get me back. Good old Bernie!
  5. I agree with Gazza wholeheartedly. I''m over here in the middle of Oxfordshire; me & my boy are allocated our seven matches so we''ll be there - we''ll try and get tickets for other matches too. Why? - because we''re City fans. Hell and high water - we''re City fans. I''m not a better or worse fan than anybody else. I''m mid-forties and have followed them with a passion since I was a boy in Bungay. That doesn''t mean I can belittle the opinion of somebody who has folllowed them for maybe a couple of years... but it does mean that I can feel sick to the core as I did at Derby last season when a soul-less, heart-less effort-less performance met defeat with a soul-less defeated manger sitting still on the bench for 90 minutes. I don''t do the WO songs but I knew then that he had to go. That was mid-way through .last season - this is now. I feel the same tonight as I did when I was 14 or so when Ron Saunders got the sack after a home defeat by Everton - very angry. My Dad said he would never go again and he never did - his mates used to come and pick me up... it didn''t stop me then and it won''t stop me now. OTBC! p.s.they have to give it temporarily at least to David Williams - as one of the two Davids in the eighties, him and Stringer had us playing the best football ever...
  6. Unless I''m mistaken, haven''t we now got at the club one of the two chaps who produced the best ffotball I''ve ever seen our boys play... the brains of the "Two Davids" partnership - David Williams. Why isn''t he getting a look in...???????  
  7. ...well done chaps! As an interested bystander can I just say this - you both care passionately about NCFC - enough said! Say what you think - that''s why we read these forums instead of match-day programmes. A team under no pressure to perform from those who care just ticks over and well, ends up struggling - so keep the heat up, kep the pressure on and just, maybe just, we''re round the corner and on the march - OTBC!!!
  8. Question is - why weren''t the Derby fans being hauled out and why weren''t the old goons staring at us told to stop being so provocative???? It was a total disgrace.
  9. Me and my boy are just back home from that putrid performance today and as bad as it was - believe me it was absolutely as awful as you can ever imagine - the one thing that had me screaming with anger were the fluorescent brylcreemed birch ''em they need National Service crew who provoked near anarchy by twice lifting NCFC supporters out for daring to stand up or look in disgust at the rubbish being taunted our way... The second young lad they marched out with his arms twisted up his back looked confused and smiled as these aging fat idiots treated him like some criminal - it was an absolute disgrace!!! The crowd went up - it could have kicked off - and in came the Police support with their video cameras... something has to be done about this. We pay through the nose to be openly provoked, to be refused entry to facilities as "away fans" and to have it all thrown back in our face when the sorry team we go through all this for can''t even be bothered to acknowledge we''re there...  There''s so much else to get off my chest about today - lack of effort, lack of steel, lack of passing, lack of passion, lack of Worthy appearing at all bothered - but no, those stewards are what really made today totally off the ball....[:P] to those who spent 90 minutes staring at me today.
  10. David Williams was an instrumental part of "the Two Davids" when one of our own boys (Dave Stringer) was at the helm. I remember standing in the River End and purring at the football on display - Dave Williams was the architect.... On the Burley idea - Dave Stringer was one of our own - enough said... let Burley whinge and whine somewhere else, I couldn''t bear to see him anywhere near the club...
  11. ...I''m confused... are we talking Dale Roberts here? - that fine Suffolk cart-horse who used to plough the furrows down at the local tip... he could do a job... or is it Alf Roberts ? - that fine shop-keeper from up North somewhere... he''d be a useful target man...
  12. Okay - things are looking rough... yeah - very rough.... but are we doing a Sunderland? Dropped like a stone out of the Prem and continued their bad run for a while - only to turn it round and ultimately go up again. Admittedly we''re making it harder but it has been done before... Also, remember when we were 4-1 down against Middlesbrough and all the car-parkers and chip-shoppers crept out and the rest of us rose as one, chests out arms wide and gave one of the most emotional "On The Ball City"s ever - we know the rest - I''ll never forget all the little heads popping up in the gangway as the goals piled in... Anyway - it''s who we are and yes things will have to change but as soon as we start shouting for Worthy''s head then just think - is it time to creep out to the car park or stand up and support as you never have before...
  13. Just be proud to be a fan of NCFC. try and explain it. You can''t. It just feels so good. Proud of where you come from and proud of who you are. We are Norwich. God love ''em! - Bungay Boy in Thame
  14. ...am I the only one who listened to the whole thing un-interrupted on Radio 5 Live Extra ? - uninterrupted that is apart from Bryan Shamilton carping on about the "Bloos" and desperately trying to not sound as biased as a Tractor-loving-blue-boy as he sent Lonely Hearts messages out to his long-lost mate Pauly Mariner listening from the States on the Internet...Who the Eric Gates is Paul Mariner? - did he used to be Cozy Powell in Slade? God Love NCFC.
  15. Life just doesn''t get better than this. Leon is the big Chrissie present you splash out on for the big day and it goes down a storm - you then have to use it and love it for the rest of the year. Lads - whatever happens - this is it! It just doesn''t get any better. I''m now fulfilling my promise and I''m off for a streak around Thame. God love NCFC,
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