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  1. Mine is an alternate spelling of Nim Chimpsky, who was a chimpanzee who was the subject of an extended study of animal language acquisition (codenamed 6.001) at Columbia University, led by Herbert S. Terrace. Chimpsky was given his name to mock Noam Chomsky, a critic of animal research into language acquisition.
  2. Except Bentley didn''t do well for us, in fact he was useless.BBB - you wrote this post at 5.17am!!!! wtf????
  3. Did you also notice that Etuhu has been getting a good Actim Index score?  Makes you wonder what for...
  4. Here here! I''ll add fuel to THIS fire.  It amazes me how people allow themselves to get so wound up by the eternally raging flames of certain posters on this forum.  To use another analogy, a spoilt kid screaming for attention is best ignored.  They finally get the message! 
  5. I''m afraid proof''s required in order to make such a bold statement Angel.  That''s why I won''t be concerning you all with the size of my..er....goal post!
  6. I had a dream last night that me, my brother and a couple of mates ram-raided a Burger King Drive-Thru, and my brother got arrested.  (Still in my dream), in a radio report of the incident, my brother was reported as being the son of ex-Genesis drummer Phil Collins.   What does this mean? Does it have any relation to NCFC''s transfer dealings? Or do I secretly harbour a fantasy that Phil Collins is my father? Discuss.
  7. [quote user="mystic megson"] Can I have a moan about people who moan about people moaning?   [/quote]   Yes...if you post it in the moaning section!
  8. [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"] ah..  the happy with mediocrity bunch are back.  And I will put money on the fact you backed worthy till the last.  Hopefully Peter Grant will be a good manager.  I don''t see it happening but hope I am wrong.  We have no previous managerial history to judge him on.  he may well just be a rubbish manager, time will tell. [/quote]   There was two points here made by Myra, which might need some elaboration for less emotionally stable amongst you: 1) I think the first point being made was that there''s no point moaning until Grant has the opportunity to bring in new players.  As you say youself CJF "Time will tell..".  In the mean time, we''ve picked up some important victories along the way. 2) Secondly, I think Myra shares my bemusement and disbelief of the near-suicidal tones of recent threads.  CJF - there is a difference between being happy with mediocrity, and being happy despite mediocrity.  Whilst the fate of NCFC is important to me, I have numerous other things going on in my life that keep me happy irrespective of what happens in the football. I think that Myra''s post was completely legitimate, and indeed reflects the views of many people posting on this site, that we should put the fun back into supporting our football club.  Otherwise, why the hell do we do it? 
  9. 1)      1-0 Norwich 2)      10-20 mins 3)      3 4)      0 5)      41-50 mins 6)      Earnshaw 7)      No-one 8)      51% 9)      29,700 10)  4 11)  2 12)  4 13)  6 14)  Dublin 15)   Norwich
  10. [quote user="UEA Canary"][quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"][quote user="Dicky"] If you are still unsure, look up the definition of supporter in the dictionary and see if you fit in with that. [/quote] Supporter: a person who backs a politician or a team. Nothing about blind faith in there, so YES it would appear I am a supporter of Norwich City Football Club!!  [:D] Anybody else whom posts on this board a supporter then? [/quote] I found exactly the same definition (see link), I''m a supporter too [:D] ! http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=define%3Asupporter&start=0&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8 [/quote]   Yep, I''m a supporter.  And I hardly go to any games Dicky - go figure!!!!
  11. With McKenzie gone, surely this strengthens the argument for keeping the 4-3-3 system that has served us pretty well so far this season.  My only concern that is if Earnshaw now picks up an injury, who will fill the lone striker role?  Jarvis?  Thorne?  I think I would worry about either of these! May I propose that Worthington use part of the fortune that was almost spent on Cotteril to buy a floating bubble that we can keep Earnie in between games? 
  12. [quote user="ROSSI 46"] Gimp Chimp "Not supposedly, Rossi - he IS making the world cup, and therefore pride of the club as far as I''m concerned." Sven all of a sudden are you? It can only be certain when the squad in announced. In all probability to he will but to say IS it not 100% true. [/quote] No need to resort to name-calling Rossi.  Of course he''s going to make the world cup, but either way he has been selected for the England squad for ages now.
  13. [quote user="South Norfolk Old Boy"] April1st 2006….a date that may well prove to by pivotal in the history of Norwich City Football Club. It was a day that sent out a very clear message to a board of directors. We can only hope that they were at last willing to receive messages and take them on board (excuse the pun!). The day started with the sight of “Worthy Out” posters around the city. Around 2:15 a small group of well intentioned individuals tried to whip up enthusiasm for their campaign but, watching from the sidelines I couldn’t help feeing that, as they passed a grinning Neil Doncaster in the street, they knew they were wasting their time. The game got underway and the tactics of hoofing the ball long to the midgets was immediately evident. A midfield without an ounce of talent or ability (and yes, I include Safri for much of Saturday apart from his super ball to Earnie). Then it happened. The crowd started to turn on the players. Hoofing was jeered and Green’s long punts were greeted with similar derision. The message got to the players a lot quicker than it has to the management or the board. It was almost amusing to watch. Fleming, Docherty and Shackell suddenly found that they had the ball at their feet and their normal option had been taken away from them. Not by Nigel Worthington but by the paying public. Jeers started to rumble when they contemplated the long punt and they were forced to clumsily play it around amongst themselves until an unfortunate midfielder came into their field of vision and they gratefully passed to Hughes or Robinson who, as far I could tell failed to find their own players all afternoon and, given that hoofing was outlawed, managed to lose the ball on numerous occasions to a pretty inept Leicester side. The River End was treated to a gesture from Robert Green which said, “ I don’t care. Ray Clemence is here. I’m off to the World Cup and then to Everton. You ain’t gonna see me again unless we draw you in the cup”. For me his gesture said it all. The management lost the majority of the public months, if not years, ago – probably at Cardiff if we are honest. The board has now lost it too and finally, on Saturday 1st April, the players were told in no uncertain terms by the supporters what they didn’t want to see. They responded immediately in their own clumsy way. How difficult would it have been for a professional coaching team to have got the same message across if they wanted to. That’s the message for you Delia and Co. They play this way because its how they are instructed. No excuses, no debates, no discussions. This is how it will be in the future unless you do what the players did  - change things. [/quote] A "pivital" date? Try spelling it right first!  How has anything changed? I back Green.  The closest thing we have to a world-class player is having a dip in form, and all he gets is abuse - charming!
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