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  1. Emi will never be an outstanding Premier League player. His style of play, his box of tricks, his mentality, the area of the field in which he can operate, none of it will work in the Prem. One of Webber's strokes of genius was to get over 30m for him. Mark my words. He is now involved in his second season struggling to make a mark at the top level. He might hold down his place under Steve Gerrard, but I think he is on borrowed time. I know people will disagree, but wait and see.
  2. Cantwell hasn't been offered a new contract, you jerk. The reason for this? Because Webber knows that if he is being frozen out by Farke, of course he won't sign up again. It's not hard to work out, is it?
  3. Since the moment the season started it's been breasts-up, or dead in the water, or on the rocks, or up the creek without a paddle etc etc. Without even trying I can't think of half a dozen improvements we will see: Omabamidele will be the first defensive name on the teamsheet. It's overdue. Dean will be amazed by how good he is. We'll get distribution from the goalkeeper flowing far more fluidly. He will find a way of getting a good contribution from Billy Gilmour, making us less predictable. Workrate will no longer be valued over effectiveness. Pukki and Sargent in particular will benefit. Players will be allowed to express themselves better. Self-expression and and inventiveness will not be a frowned upon. No one will be unfairly frozen out in the way Todd and Gilmour have been. There, I told you I am an optimist!
  4. I don't seek to show disrespect towards Daniel, but I believe that the team will play with greater freedom and enjoyment now that he has gone. I have always had a problem with his monotonous voice and his ability to talk a point to death without pausing for breath. I don't question his intellect, but sometimes less is more and boredom is the danger. It very much felt like his was the only voice in the briefings and in the changing room and a little of it goes a long way. We shall see. I am ever the optimist and I may be kidding myself, but I feel that against Southampton we shall see a rejuvenated team that plays with less tension. Dean Smith (presumably he will be the man) has the capacity to lighten the mood and I can see a positive response from the players, which will carry us through the first 8 or 10 games. The smiles will return.
  5. I am very happy to judge him solely on performances and results. He starts with an entirely clean record. The signs are that he is a good man.
  6. Thanks for the edit. I will reply because of it, instead of saying that not all facts can be sustained by evidence. Leitner was totally in awe of his own fame and achievements and wanted everyone to know about it. He hated being on the bench and gave Daniel a very hard time because of it. He was never scared of being verbal about it. His behaviour with the younger players may have been the final straw. We will never know, It led to a healthy training ground confrontation, with senior players like Timm and Teemu siding against the aggressor. I agree with you, Leitner was supremely gifted and on his day was easily our best player.
  7. Webber alluded to obstinacy and unwillingness to change when he spoke to the players. As for those that were rather surprisingly discarded, Leitner was toxic and liked to bully the younger players, Jamal Lewis being a favoured target. Trybull's metrics made him unselectable, in the world of Daniel. Oliveira defied him. Not sure about Timm and Drmic. Todd was straight back into the squad on Saturday night.
  8. Iwan Roberts is the latest to blame the club for the timing of the sacking. I just don't get it. The decision had been made during the week. It had to be delivered to Daniel as soon as possible. The players needed reassurance and some explanation of what was going on. Sunday was a day off and then the group split up during international week. So Stuart Webber called the players together at 10pm on Saturday at Colney to talk about it. So, what other timing would have worked? It just feels like club-bashing for tbe sake of it. In terms of impact on Daniel, the timing makes not one jot of difference. It was painful no matter when it happened. To sit on the news for hours / days would have made no sense at all.
  9. Everything was explained to the players when Stuart and Neil Adams discussed the reasons for Daniel's departure and the timescale for his replacement, when they all went to Colney at 10pm on Saturday after the Brentford game, So don't worry about the players not being kept informed They are.
  10. ...and fwiw, he knows East Anglia very well and loves this part of the country. He has a large property portfolio in the area (and as I write it I realise that some will resent it) which his dear mother used to manage for him until she died far too young, a few years ago. He was educated very well (which again I know will cause prejudice), he's urbane, worldly, and very highly thought of throughout football. Few of these will be selection criteria during the recruitment process, but let's be fair.
  11. I notice that you exclude Chris from this fulsome eulogy. Is there any reason for this? They come as a pair under the Talk Norwich City banner, surely.
  12. From a position on the substitutes' bench? Nope
  13. Let's just say that Daniel believed that he was being challenged, and he didn't like it. Not one bit. And it didn't just involve Cantwell. With all players that Daniel has given first team opportunities to, he believes that he is owed blind and unquestioning loyalty. I hope that's my lot for today - gonna try to stay away fro the rest of the day.
  14. You have completely mis-read the situation. It's not about his ego; it's not about a transfer; he didn't throw his toys out of the pram. Actually, Daniel may have done but Cantwell didn't. And it may also have been about Daniel's ego. Someone will speak out - maybe Hucks, Holty, Adams, or maybe even Gibbo, but probably not until cooling-off period has passed and it may take years.
  15. Sort of true. Todd has not been allowed to train, mix, eat etc with the first team squad. But only for another week. So in all probability he would have back in the squad in a week's time. It has caused a lot of objection from players, significant ex-players, and senior members behind the scenes. The player himself has handled it superbly, keeping his own council and generally accepting it manfully. I don't pretend to know what caused the rift. No one seems to know other than Daniel and his three assistants, now all departed. I think I know, but I don't know that I know, if you see what I mean.
  16. Not true. But if the new manager fails to lead the team to better performances, then the decision-makers will look as if they have made a mistake.
  17. I have no doubt that the decision was made before today. But in any case, Daniel's goose was cooked during and after the Leeds defeat as we were so disorganised across the middle of the pitch. Based on that, it was time to go. Immediately after a backs to the wall win at Brentford, of course it feels harsh. Chris Sutton said we decided we needed a 'new voice', and that in my opinion is key. I think to many players were not responding to Daniel's endless monotone monologues. But let's remember the good times and move on. Thank you Daniel.
  18. Billy Gilmour is more relevant. Excellent Scottish international player who can't get a look in despite our inability to even look like threatening a win. Join the dots.
  19. It's a very, very unhealthy situation for the club and all concerned. It's in danger of causing a permanent rift between Daniel's small group of people and some other very important people within the club, including some players - it can also impact the current player who I consider has the biggest future, as he is with the same agents as Todd. God willing we can get get this coming week out of the way, then Todd can return to the first team squad and we can start moving forward again. Their are no winners, and I hope Daniel realises this. He can 'win' but still lose. Personally, I am not 100% sympathetic to either 'side'. I just want it to be over.
  20. Good idea to use spray paint in Brentford's home colours. This afternoon, deep in the Norfolk countryside, a village will be missing its idiot.
  21. The decision not to penalise Andrew for that block was extraordinary :). I was in the S Stand and it was blatant. To me, Leeds' plan was to isolate Raphinha on Onabamidele. AO was excellent, and his performance will have alerted the football world to his excellence.
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