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  1. 1 hour ago, Green Canary said:

    It really wasn't as funny as they thought it was, but there was no mean intent and its fab that Idah got singled out for a glowing analysis.



    Micah Richards gets the gig largely because of his gargantuan laugh, and he didn't fail to deliver 🙂

    At least it's nice to actually want to watch MoTD again, after so many weeks of avoiding it.



    11 hours ago, TeemuVanBasten said:

    Yeah because that's what happened isn't it, grade F for reading comprehension.

    Stating as a matter of fact that Cantwell has a dying relative is not an "opinion" its a statement of fact, one worth disputing in the absence of any credible sources.

    It all originates from a thread Pugin made four months ago, to  inform 13000 pinkun members that Cantwell had a relative on their death bed, it was either a disgraceful breach of privacy or a disgraceful lie, you can choose, either would make him a piece of rotten toilet scum mixed with tramps toenail muck in my opinion (there you go, that one is an opinion). 



    This is outstanding.

    A feeble attempt to conflate me saying 'Look, the family are going through a really hard time so leave the player alone' with TVB saying 

    'Look, some people are saying that their are issues with an ill relative, so let's stick the boot in'.

    It's almost clever in its deceitfulness. Almost, but not quite.

  3. 34 minutes ago, chrisr1606 said:

    This is incorrect. The Liverpool care pathway doesn't exist anymore, and hasn't for years. If you're talking about palliation and end of life care this is the removal of active treatment, not nutrition and hydration. It's possible people can be receiving end of life care for years.

    Thank you @chrisr1606.

    Moderators - please remove this reference from TVB. It is disgraceful and has the capacity to cause deep and unnecessary distress.

  4. 6 hours ago, TeemuVanBasten said:

    We had one poster claim about 4 months ago that Cantwell had a relative on the Liverpool care pathway, I think it was Pugin. That is essentially the slow withdrawal of water and sustinence until somebody dies, effectively of dehydration. I've had relatives on that, not nice, but 4 months would be a world record i should think. For my close relative it was a few days.

    I don't know whether he has other sick relatives, but millions have lost people in this pandemic, lost 3 relatives myself of covid... and a cousin last month to heroin... horrible but I've had to get on with life and work.

    I've been told that the club offered him the best contract they could which would have put him up there with the top three highest earners and he rejected it. That is his right but any long distance move away from family in Norfolk would surely quash the rumours of a family crisis? 

    I rarely get angry about things I read on here, but this post goes so far beyond decency and truthfulness that it has me fuming.

    For the record no one with any knowledge of the matter, myself included, has ever mentioned the Liverpool Care Pathway. You have made that up. (End of life care has been mentioned.) Sometimes I cannot fathom what strange things go on inside your head.

    Secondly, no new contract has been discussed or offered. The club will confirm this.

    You really should apologise for this appalling degree of trouble-stirring, but of course you won't.

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  5. 3 hours ago, TeemuVanBasten said:


    You are trying to rationalise the completely unacceptable, without any attempt to explain your position or logic. Placheta had a much longer absence this season with actual heart problems and has got himself back in good shape. Todd Cantwell is paid a handsome salary to maintain his fitness levels, its like the number 1 priority of any professional athlete. 

    You have made my point for me totally convincingly.

    Todd's fitness level has appeared lacking. It's been disappointing. But a number of individuals have attempted to turn it into a kitchen sink drama and written a million words about it. It's just a player lacking fitness.



  6. 28 minutes ago, Coneys Knee said:

    I just don’t get why people seem to want him to fail. 

    I personally think he’ll leave us and flourish. Cantwell is quality and the right boss will see him right. If anyone could do that it’d be Klopp I imagine. 

    I believe that never a week went by without Daniel speaking to Klopp. So there won't be much that Klopp doesn't know about Todd.

    I have always said he would be amazing for Liverpool, surrounded by the players they have 

  7. 20 hours ago, ÅlandicCanary said:

    LOL. This is a typical approach taken by let's say a certain type of person. The assumption that others are as crooked as oneself. 

    No, TeemuVanBasten, I do not have any old login. Some times recent joiners to a forum are just that.

    I've criticized Dowell for his performance against Arsenal. Not sure how that would constitute any double standards. He could've scored for us in that match had he only made an effort. Compare this fair criticism to the two examples above. I know you won't see any difference, so I'll detach myself from this pointless argument.

    Top post @ÅlandicCanary. You remind me of Simon Lappin, speaking on Canary Call after the Arsenal game. After listening to a few crank calls, Lappin calmly and respectfully gave evidence of how misguided the callers were. But it seemed to make no difference. The crank callers / posters seem to be oblivious to logic and knowledge, and continue to push their disturbed agendas.

    Never mind, it's their lives which are messed up. Those who know, know. Ignore the haters; please continue to contribute intelligently to this forum, even if most of what you sow falls on stoney ground. Have a Happy New Year. The Todd situation will sort itself out. Dean will either bring him back in or move him on and the haters will have to find a new target to pleasure themselves over.

    FWIW, Dowell is well short of being a Premier player. Equally, Todd did himself no favours by looking so nonchalant while pre-match warm up. These things never go un-noticed.


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  8. 59 minutes ago, Fuzzar said:

    Saka often cuts in onto his left foot - that's presumably why a right-footed Williams was preferred. 

    The fact Williams didn't defend very well was more the problem. 

    I think we should give Saka credit for his ability to deceive. Brandon just couldn't read it, or if he could his body was a micro-second too slow to react.

    It's symptomatic of the whole side -  just not quite good enough against some of the top teams on the planet. That's where we are. 

  9. 15 hours ago, fredherring said:


    Oh noes. The horror. 

    How many dead?

    Genuinely dead after being admitted because of covid? 


    People need to get a grip. 

    This is a mild illness and its not our job to give up freedoms indefinitely to protect the healthcare system. 

    Two years of this and it still can't cope? People should be angry and demanding change in the NHS, not putting rags on their faces and believing they acting for the greater good. 

    The NHS will not be overwhelmed. That's obvious from that ratio of cases to admissions with covid. 

    So grow up, stop panicking, and start asking when we get back to normal. 


    And what if you had just been diagnosed with cancer, fredherring and had to take your place in the queue for treatment, because the hospitals have had to devote so much resource to COVID?

    In the knowledge that every day without treatment reduces you chances of survival, would you still speak like a member of the Tory back benches, with their gold star private health provisions, and damn the NHS as it is for plebs?

    You language is offensive, and your views (if they really are your views) are pig ignorant. 

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  10. OK, ignore 'Better', it was just decoration.

    But after yesterday I honestly wonder if we have had a wonderful Premier League player hiding in plain sight. 

    I feel euphoric about his display. Dean Smith must have been rubbing his eyes in disbelief.

    It seems that the intro to Smith managership is nearly complete and every single player in the squad (with the possible exceptions of Idah and Lees-Melou) are ready to help us win this fight. 

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  11. Mental disorder takes many guises.Obsessive behaviour is one such manifestation. Your continuing obsession with this 23 year old man is an excellent example of obsessive behaviour.

    On one level you have shown that you are not a stupid man, but on another level you continue to give us carefully coded evidence that he occupies your thoughts. Your posts on here m case study into unhealthy obsession.

    We will never know the root cause of your obsession, 

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  12. 2 hours ago, Worthy Nigelton said:

    No chance. The only change in the back four would be Williams for Giannoulis but I doubt that will happen either. They've been defending pretty well so why change it? Omabamidele is certainly the future though and it's only a matter of time before he is the first name on the teamsheet for me. What a prospect he is.

    Why change it? Because there have been errors and weaknesses in central defence that Dean Smith will have noted and on another day would have cost us goals. Maybe Sunday isn't the time for change, granted. I am sure Smith has selected his defence with as little risk as possible, but change will come.


    ps right from the start vs Southampton, Smith noted how Adams got through two challenges before scoring. He knows where we need to improve or strengthen.

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