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  1. Lol. We can pretend we deserved something out of the match and hide behind the ref''s failures. Or we can accept that Spurs were significantly better than us in every meaningful way, and realise that we need our players to perform a lot better if we''re going to survive. Kevin Friend doesn''t care if we go down. I hope, and expect, that over the next few months, our players will show that they do care by sorting out their act - especially in defence.
  2. We conceded within 2 minutes of a home match having shipped five against Liverpool. Kevin Friend, although an utter s**t is the least of our concerns, and is not responsible for our failure.
  3. Surely the issue is exactly that... "when we really need a result, we get one"... why does it take such a desperate state for Hughton to galvanise a performance. That battling spirit should be the norm, not the exception. In fact, wasn''t it publicly quoted that the West Ham victory included experienced players stepping up at half time and ranting? In one way it''s great that they are empowered to do this, but should we be depending on it? And if so, what is Hughton''s job?David James was punditing on BT Sport last night and I was saddened to agree with him when he said Norwich were depending on individual inspiration. There is no team ethic or cohesion. The players standing by the manager because he is good to them, and they like him, but they really aren''t performing for him.No one doubt''s Hughton''s football knowledge, but he doesn''t seem to have the ability to manage people to perform to their maximum. Hughton, the staff and even the players look totally out of their depth at the moment. That''s something we never would have said about a team managed by our previous manager. We know we have the quality players - more so than ever before. We strengthened just as much as any other team in the summer, and should be competing to win games.We are currently in a ten team battle - but on recent showings, we''re not putting up much of a fight. And I''ve always been an optimistic fan!!!
  4. [quote user="Wiz"]If everyone was fit no one imo.[/quote] I agree with this. Would prefer to see a bit of stability after a lot of transfers in the last couple of years. I think the have the necessary quality - just need to get them all working well together more consistently.
  5. I''m ashamed by these performances. It was like lambs to the slaughter again.Not the attitude we expect from a Norwich team, and not the attitude I would expect to be tolerated by someone in McNally''s position.
  6. I actulally thought Elmander looked lively when he came on. A goal poacher would have made no difference yesterday. the midfield and defence were too content just knocking the ball around and showing no effort to play the strikers in, against a team with ten men and no need to press. Fer was the only player that wanted to involve the strikers... The rest was mediocre, ineffective ball retention, and a few longer range pot-shots. Snodgrass looked off the pace, but wasted one great opportunity to cross with a theatrical dive.
  7. Hull defended well, but Norwich showed very little desire to score. There no sign of any intent to get the ball into dangerous areas.. I only remember one save being made despite all of that possession. Really disappointing, and needs to improve quickly.
  8. It''s the natural food chain... we buy Sporting Lisbon''s best player and Birmingham''s best prospect. Chelsea buy our best player.He''s too good to stay with a mid-table club for his entire career, so it will happen at some point. Would be gutted to see him go, and would prefer to hold on for a couple more seasons though.Although debt free now, we''re not a wealthly club, and £10m is a lot of money a goalkeeper, and if he battles his way in to the team there, he''d be given the chance to compete for championships and cups in the prime of his career.
  9. [quote user="Reykjavik Canary"]But It''s 5th from last in points collected. More like lucky from a weak league than good season.[/quote]A lot of the old seasons are based on 42 matches, rather than 38.
  10. Yes!Great character and better footballer than most of our other options. He, Holt and Becchio are our front line options. Add RVW plus a more rounded midfield and we''re in business!
  11. Great to see a player to play with such freedom. I guess that''s the effect of his having real life experiences, and therefore understanding what''s important.... (i.e. he''s not here to pose/posture... he''s here to work hard and make it happen). I''m really hoping it comes together for him at Norwich!
  12. I really still believe that Lambert was quite lucky to come to Norwich when he did (not saying we weren''t lucky to have him). Expectations were at an all time low, but he had a couple of gems in the squad that he inherited (Holt and Hoolahan), and a very low standard of opposition to settle in against.He was able to put a squad together progressively, building up a squad of lower league players with good attitudes and a strong team ethic. To start building that, from scratch while competing in the Premier League, at a club with unrealistically high expectations, is a completely different scenario.There''s no time to make the mistakes (which he also made Norwich) and learn from it, because the opposition is too strong and you have a run of sole destroying results. If he survives until next season (relegated or not) he''ll be much better placed to build. We''ll have to see how patient Learner and the Villa faithful are willing to be.
  13. We haven''t spent the amount of money that Liverpool have, so it''s extremely unfair to be critical about a defeat. That said, we really did lack any leadership on the pitch today. Holt is a tallisman for us, but struggles to galvanise the team when he''s not involved at all. Bassong''s absence again demonstrated how important he is to lead our defense.All that said, we haven''t really been that cheap on the transfer front. We''re based on a five year spend, we''re actually mid-table in terms of net spending: http://transferleague.co.uk/league-tables/transfer-league-table-last-five-seasons.htmlThe big difference is we haven''t been selling players. I don''t like the idea of losing our best players, but may be something of a necessary evil to allow us to grow (assuming we have players that other teams want to spend £10m on). It''s certainly worked for Swansea.They''ve sold well, which has allowed them to buy very well... they''ve made a profit through transfers over the last five years of £2m and built a strong team in the process. (In that same time frame, we''ve made a "loss" through transfers of £16m).
  14. Just been reading Rodger''s comments about Suarez.... http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/21064709 If I''m reading this correctly, Rodger''s is upset by fact Saurez admitted ''falling'' and not the fact that he is cheating. He''s worried about the affect the comments may have on Liverpool''s image, and their chances of winning more penalties ("as long as it doesn''t damage our prospects in the future that is the most important issue"). He really seems to be losing it under the pressure of the job. I suspect he''s actually the love child of Kenny Dalglish and David Brent. Suarez is indefensible and Liverpool are becoming grubbier by the week by trying. It''s seems pretty clear their ethics are way off. It reminded me a little of when Roeder first arrived at Norwich and, in an interview stated that he thought we were too honest, and we should be pressurising the referee for more decisions. I can''t believe we ever gave him a job at our club! Thankfully, at it''s soul ours is a club with integrity, and we have a manager to match.
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