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  1. I heard a rumour about us signing muarice ross from rangers fo £250k does anyone know anything about him?Is he any good?is there any truth in the rumour? I hope that we have a clear out in the summer not of any of the first team regulars but those who are clearly surplus like rivers,easton,briggs. Ps i cant believe were up its amazing. Joe H.
  2. i cant believe that so many people still think we are short of players to play upfront for next season. Everyone is suggesting that we buy another striker!we have the best attacking team in the 1st division at the moment but still peeps want a new target man.What has svenson done to deserve this.He is scoring goals from all angles and methods,remember his goal against wigan, not bad eh!He might not contribute loads during play but i would rather have someone who scores upfront than somone who loks good but offers little final product, like crouch!Crouch looks good during play but to be honest he didnt actually score very many!With huxs Mcken and svenson we look deadly going forward and i have no doubt that they will continue to do so in the prem.We should strengthen where we need it not where everything is goin well!
  3. joe ferrari has confirmed norwich bid for hucks accepted, so if he really is wanting to come to norwich we will find out very soon!!!
  4. why do people post ludicrous claims without evidence???It only builds up fans hopes and as we''ve seen today annoys everyone. Everyone should stop doing this! Only post when you''re sure we gonna sign someone, if your 100% sure. After all the speculation of the last few weeks i thought it was fitting that no-one predicted signing Mckenzie yet so many people have inside info!
  5. hi everbody, thought id post a message to say how annoyed id be if we let Greeno go to get hucks.in fact id be tempted to blame all those who gone so crazy about Hucks. From lookin on various ncfc sites recently ud think that we only put one player on the pitch and that everything we eva do good is because of Hucks. Well from what we''ve seen in recent games and even when he was playin well we dont need him as much as Greeno.If as supporters wed use a bit of objectivity towards things wed stop going crazy about Hucks and realise the devastation to our chances of promotion losing Greeno would bring. How many time has Greeno rescued us?Lots and consistently over 3 seasons.we cant waste money on Hucks who is unproved at a club when he''s been there for more than 3 months.Huckerby is not the answer, we are not a 1 team, we are a team and if i was any other player than Hucks id be getting P*ssd of that fans seem to adore a guy who''s been here 5secs more than me.Support the whole team!Keep Greeno!
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