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  1. Its on Canal+ Sport channel which can be recieved with the right gear in Norfolk. for all upcomming games in various parts of europe see : http://www.knplogic.co.uk/sport/
  2. I hear the beer at the murderers tastes quite nice ;-) Not been there myself for a while but thats what I hear.
  3. Same deal as Sheffied United and West Ham. Can be seen in certain pubs in the city or if you have the right gear. Useful site : http://www.knplogic.co.uk/sport/
  4. Same deal as the Sheffield United game... See : http://new.pinkun.com/Forums/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=13367
  5. See story on the pink un home page.... http://www.pinkun.com/ Should I get a credit here ;-) ?? Anyway lets hope for a win... and maybe we should say go buy a ticket in the south stand now ?
  6. OK its not easy but it is possible in Norfolk. Southampton very difficult as far as I can see as you will need a very large dish antenna. I estimate a 90cm or maybe 80cm will work here. What you need also is a standard DVB reciever with a viaccess 1 module on board. I have used www.hisat.com in the past but there are plenty of others out there. i have no connection with them. Then you will need a viewing card. I know hisat can advise on most issues... So tune your reciever to : 1 West, NRK 1 (Norway) 12399 Horizontal, SR 27800 FEC 3/4 **OR** 5 East, TV3+ Dk (Denmark) 11977 Vertical,SR 27500, FEC 3/4 Have a look at www.lyngsat.com for channel details / changes etc. And give yourself plenty of time before saturday to set up your system ! maybe easier to find a "friendly" pub in the city.
  7. No, scandinavian channels not accesable via Sky. Have a look at http://www.knplogic.co.uk/sport/ Looks like TV3+ or NRK, which can be seen in Norfolk with the right gear. I guess some pubs in the city will be "on the ball " !!
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