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  1. I’m confused by American politics and would appreciate some enlightenment from someone of your obvious intellect and knowledge. I thought illegal votes and mail in fraud were well known back in 2016 which is why DT lost the popular vote. Unfortunately I don’t quite get why, after 4 years in charge he has chosen to do nothing about sorting it out. Why is it that Republican states can do mail in voting properly but Democrat states are just rife with corruption. How many illegal voters are there in CA &NY? Can you predict numbers for voter fraud in other states or are we just calling all votes for Democratic candidates fraudulent and fake news. If you are wrong and DT loses I look forward to seeing you, RTB et al on here admitting you were mistaken but I suspect we won’t see you for dust.
  2. I’m not quite sure where I’m going to end up with this post so apologies if it turns into a bit of a rant but these protesters and their ilk just make me so angry. Six years ago I made the decision to leave the UK and move out here to New Zealand. What a great decision that has turned out to be. Apart from the great lifestyle, how nice it is to have a government that at least seems 90% competent when it comes to Covid and its response. A defined plan, a clear message passed on to the populace by daily press briefings and a population on board with very, very few exceptions. As such, over six months down the line and we still have fewer than 2000 cases and only 25 deaths. Life goes on pretty much as normal given the world we currently live in, just without the tourists which is the biggest hit to the economy. Every country seems to have their conspiracy theory loons but seeing protesters complaining of tyranny and loss of civil liberties and infringement of their human rights just winds me up. There are many countries in the world with tyrannical rulers but the UK is such a long way from that. Go visit those countries, try protesting the government and you might find out what tyranny really looks like. Anyone care to explain to me which part of the Bill of Human Rights these protestors have had violated. Certainly not the part about being allowed to protest peacefully without fear of arrest. As for civil liberties, I’m not entirely sure what is meant by that but the way these people talk about them is what really angers me. How is wearing a mask or having to social distance to stop the spread of a highly infectious, potentially debilitating or lethal disease such a problem. If everyone sucked it up and did what was required for 6-8 weeks you could bring it under control and then go back to a normal life. Instead, that seems to much to ask of many people and my parents ( in their 80s and living in Scotland) have now been in total lockdown for more than seven months. And I mean total lockdown. They just don’t leave the house. What about their civil liberties to be able to go outside and live their lives without fear of being infected with something that has a high chance of killing at least one of them. With the increase in cases and winter coming, to potentially make things worse I have no idea when they will be able to get out and about. I can’t see it being 2020 so probably another 5 months at least. They’ve been ok so far because it’s been summer and they’ve been able to spend time in the garden but I worry for their psychological well-being over the winter. Words can’t describe the loathing I feel for these people and their selfishness. Apologies to anyone who has read this far but I just needed somewhere to sound off and voice my worries and anger at the way things seem to be in the UK.
  3. It must be an absolute nightmare in the Wolves dressing room.
  4. Quite a bit gets directed at Bill as well but this is a great dig at all the usual suspects who only exist to moan about the club they claim to support.
  5. True. But then it’s difficult not to describe people carrying firebrands, waving swastikas and shouting 'Jews will not replace us' without using the 'N' word. I suggest you would need to be a bit that way inclined to call them 'good people'.
  6. Sinani deal agreed by end of January. Pretty much feels to me like all they have done is finished up paperwork. Link is here for you TVB https://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/ncfc-rumours-sinani-summer-deal-agreed-1-6486607
  7. Thought this was an interesting article on how the whole hydroxychloroquine thing came about. It’s fairly lengthy but a good read. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/06/hydroxychloroquine-trump-coronavirus-drug
  8. Firstly, 6k doctors don’t say it works. 37% of 6.2k is 6k. 'Works' implies cure which is not the same as 'most effective therapy'. If I have a cold, a tissue is a more effective therapy than a bag of sawdust. Doesn’t mean I’m cured. Kudos to the Daily Mail as well for claiming 37% is a majority. It might be the largest group but a majority it is not.
  9. So West Ham must have been relegated last season having lost 4-0 in last seasons first match at Anfield. Oh wait.... it appears they didn’t. How can that be? Did anyone else concede four against Liverpool or lose by a 3 goal margin? Let’s take a look. Southampton lost by 3. They must be in the championship this season. What do you mean 'no'? Cardiff conceded four so 'talk sh!te' presumably called.that one right. Watford lost by 3 and Bournemouth and Newcastle both conceded 4, so that’s the other two relegation places filled alongside Cardiff, right? It’s not right? Well surely one of them must have gone down? How can it be that they all survived. Arsenal conceded 5, Palace 4, Bournemouth and Watford both lost again by 3 and 5 respectively. They must have all had a real battle to not be relegated after results like that. How did they possibly finish 36, 15, 11 and 16 points clear of relegation. 5th, 11th, 12th and 14th. Well Burnley conceded 4. They must have gone down cos they don’t have any money either. They just started their fourth consecutive season in the Premiership you say? And I presume the pundits got it right when Huddersfield lost by 5 with only two more games to play. Not too difficult a call since they were already relegated by that time So 10 teams lost by the same or greater margin to Liverpool, two of them twice and 8 of them are still in the top flight. So to everyone, especially those who still haven’t learnt from the first five games last season, let’s just get a few more games under our belt before drawing any definitive conclusions from Fridays game.
  10. I think Ward might have the right answer by giving teams a number of appeals rather than every decision being looked over. I’m enjoying watching the cricket World Cup at the moment and each side is given one appeal. Imagine the difference if every potentially dubious call was looked at. In tennis the players have to use a given number of appeals each set. In the NFL coaches get two appeals per game plus one extra if they are both successful. There may well be other examples but none of these review every decision that could affect the result. I’ve not had the chance to see VAR in action in its current form but as well as frequency of reviews, reduced by the above, the time taken seems to be a problem as well. Isn’t it supposed to be for obvious errors, therefore a decision should be able to be reached in a fairly short designated time, otherwise it’s not obvious and the decision stands The only time I’ve seen VAR in action was the cup game against Chelsea, however many years ago, and it seemed to work quite well for us proving their players to be a bunch of divers. I suspect VAR is here to stay but, from comments, it needs a fairly major rethink on just how it’s going to be used.
  11. The discussion here is now about whether we need three or four strikers for next season in the PL. From other posts, my understanding is Rhodes is a sixth choice striker for them as an average Championship club. Sixth choice! And they still claim he’s worth £7m. How much must the other five be worth? The rest of the squad must be absolute garbage to finish where they did in the league with five strikers worth over 7mil banging in goals for fun. Plainly a completely outrageous evaluation with Wednesday trying it on because we got promoted. Webber has stated no price was agreed which is good enough for me. I’ll take Webbers word over Wednesdays on this one any day of the week.
  12. Couldnt agree more. Six of the next seven games are now on Sky and therefore I will be watching 'live on ifollow' 24 hours after the game. I don’t even understand why. It’s not as if I can watch it on Sky.
  13. Oh great! Another game I’m going to have to wait 24 hours to watch 'live' on ifollow due to 'rights restrictions'.
  14. I’m interested to know peoples thoughts on Hanley and Klose. First choice CB's at the start of the season but unlikely to start a game for the rest of the season, barring injury. Will they stay on or look to go elsewhere to get game time?
  15. We have proved in the past that spending loads of cash doesn’t ensure survival in the PL as have many others (Fulham this season). With the new financial model at the club I sincerely hope we don’t get dazzled by the bright lights of the top flight and continue on the current path. If we do get promotion I feel DF has earned the right to another season and a half, minimum, in charge. The 'happy clappers' need to shout down the 'MOG's who will undoubtedly come crawling out of the woodwork were we to lose our first five games in the PL. DF and SW deserve our full support.
  16. Don’t forget Godfrey, Lewis (great potential) or even Hernandez who looked great on Saturday. But Pukki for his goals, closely followed by Buendia for me as well.
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