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  1. And regardless of whether Newcastle get a point to send us back bottom, they will still be the last EPL club to win a match
  2. Who would have thought it. The richest club in the world is rock bottom.
  3. Reality is he didn't want to be here. No point holding someone whose head has been turned ( or more likely his bank balance).
  4. Too many people have very short memories. This can only be good news for the Club.
  5. Someone with EPL managerial experience to set the team up to be more competitive, less likely to let in goals but still want to play football. IMHO the only person who might save us and is a realistic option is Roy Hodgson.
  6. That would make me question if i wanted to carry on watching football.
  7. Unfortunately it’s fairly obvious Farke does not have what it takes to manage at EPL level. Bring Hodgson in to stabilise the ship otherwise we will struggle in the Champs to with this losing mentality
  8. I think West Brom is the higest in the whole of the UK, not just England.
  9. Furlough money was to keep staff employed. Had the club not received it its likely many of them would have been made redundant. It wasn't free cash.
  10. Everywhere has its good and bad points. The environs of Coventry city centre are very affluent. Lots of very wealthy families made their fortune in the now demised British motor industry.
  11. ....Despite his team only being 16th in the Championship. Appointing Martin to a struggling EPL team would be suicidal.
  12. I can't help feeling maybe Farke set up a system that got the very best from Emi. Once Emi is no longer the main focal point of a team then perhaps he has a lot of new stuff to learn Its also very true that Pukki and his intelligent running, was a big part of making Emi as good and succesful as he was.
  13. I wish some people would stop making crass, uninformed comments about places they know NOTHING about. I live close to and work in Birmingham and like most places it has its good and bad but to call it one of the worst cities in the UK is an absolutely stupid comment and does you no credit. Think before you speak!!!! When was the last time you visited??
  14. Arrons at times was playing alongside Pukki. I have no idea why DF chose to play two wing backs so high up the pitch against a team of Chelsea's quality away from home. Suicidal.
  15. The fact Neil Adams appears to be lined up as Webber's successor, sadly makes this likely to happen at some point.
  16. Howe’s problems started when he was given loads to spend.
  17. Roy Hodgson til the end of the season to steady the ship and possibly give us a chance of staying up. That said if Eddie Howe was interested We should take him in a shot.
  18. At least we won’t be headline news tomorrow. I do believe Liverpool , Man City and Chelsea are probably to good for the EPL now.
  19. Krul Aarons - Hanley - Kabak - Gianoullis Gilmour - Normann - McLean - Cantwell Rashica Pukki
  20. We were over run in midfield today. We definitely need 4 players in there and personally i would try a 4-4-1-1
  21. Chelsea, Man City and probably Newcastle now are football clubs in name only. Ultimately they are very rich men’s playthings and ego boosters but also a massive financial business. I’ve been to Chelsea today and the whole place is geared to be a worldwide entertainment BUSINESS.
  22. Not making any excuses for today’s woeful performance but it’s not just us getting annihilated by the top six big clubs. Watford last week and Brighton 3-0 at Home to Citeh and not even half time. let them go and play their fantasy football and let everyone else go back to football as a competitive sport.
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