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  1. He is still ranting as well it seems. Maybe he should have a look at his team's results since he came in before blowing his top.
  2. Petulant child-like behaviour. All 'me me me'. Still i suspect he will be shown the door very soon.
  3. Don't think we will be seeing him back at Carrow Road for a while. ( nor 1p5wich for that matter) As Farke infers the man has no class. Its a strange type of character trait to want people to hate you, which is what Lambert appears to have.
  4. Anyone else think this is some of the best Football City have ever played? I'm 55 years old so seen a lot of good City teams and us nearly win the Premier League but..we really are something quite special this season.
  5. Don't think i have ever seen Bamford move that quickly before. Or get that worked up about anything on a football pitch before.
  6. The financial consequences if WBA are not promoted this season will be huge. They have spent a lot of money this season. It rarely works out.
  7. No team is perfect. man City are not top of the PL so no doubt their fans will be having a whinge about something. Just enjoy the season, its been brilliant so far and we are playing some of the best football i have ever seen us play in 50 odd years.
  8. After the Leeds game, our only remaining game against a top six side is Boro away. plus Bristol at H. Leeds still have to play Boro, WBA home, Sheff U at home and Bristol away. Sheff U still have Boro H, WBA A, Sheff Weds A, Leeds A and Bristol H.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPFrTBppRfw
  10. Good to see us and Leeds bringing through young players and them being a big part of what we are both doing. And succeeding. Villa have too many has-beens and never-beens in their side. Rumours too that Newcastle want to sign Abraham on a permanent deal in January which would leave Villa with nothing.
  11. Impossible to pick up one player above the rest. Buendia has been excellent recently, always looking for an incisive forward pass and scoring goals too. And lets not forget Stiepermann.
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