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  1. Ref initially started to play on and then changed his mind.

    It was fortunate that the **** had gone off injured when the offside goal happened as i am sure he would have changed his mind on that one too.

    Worst ref i have seen in a long time. Wigan's time wasting and play acting was atrocious and i don't think he ever pulled them up on it once.



  2. 1 minute ago, sonyc said:

    If we had similar losses with 3 key players effectively out of the next few matches it would be a massive blow. Therefore, their chances of the automatics for me have largely dissolved. Their remaining games are not easy.

    One of them is.

    Saturday 27th April 2019


    • Sheff Utd 17:15 Ipswich
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  3. Hernandez was the one at fault on their equaliser IMHO. Half hearted challenge and didn't chase back.

    That said all the players have had great moments to more than counter tonight's lacklustre performance.

    No one could replace Emi with his recent form. Even Madders would have struggled to do that.


    That said, we didn't lose and Sheffield didn't win so nothing lost tonight.

    Let's ensure the gap between us and the two below is at least the same if not bigger by Sunday afternoon.


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