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  1. I don't think you can underestimate Tetty's influence over the last couple of months. McLean also has been a consistent performer.
  2. Now run the blue line up to the Spurs players right hand. Why was that not considered his furthermost point forward because if you do that Teemu is definitely onside.
  3. Just do away with the offside rule altogether. It stifles creative football anyway.
  4. What no one can deny or disagree on is that VAR is killing the most fundamental reason any of us go to a match or watch a match...and that is the spontaneous joy and celebration of seeing your team score a goal. That is gone under the current system and without that, most of us would eventually stop going to football matches.
  5. Ricardo has hit the nail on the head- supporters of all teams can no longer spontaneously celebrate any goal. That will kill the game of any enjoyment.
  6. Rafa likely to get the nod there. Villa fans want Smith sacked too.
  7. We no longer look as vulnerable at corners since he returned. He's not frightened to stick his head in where it might get thumped.
  8. If that were a goal in the last minute of the last game of the season and it kept us up but was chalked out by VAR, I wonder how long before someone tests its validity in a court of law with so much money resting on everything . Football is a sport, not something to be judged on a fecking computer screen by a no name based in a London studio.
  9. Hanley certainly improves our defending on set pieces. He's not afraid to attack the ball regardless of who is around him.
  10. There is a world of difference between being anti-semitic and being anti-Israeli government policy on Palestine.
  11. Extremely frustrating afternoon but at least we have not spent £120 million like Villa have and play the ****e football they do. I'm pretty certain they will be playing Championship football next season too.
  12. Racsim is society's problem, not footballs. When you have a PM who has made racist remarks and then gets re-elected with a near landslide, then it strikes me that those up high are quite happy to condone that sort of language and behaviour as its a vote winner. then you have the President of the USA making even worse racist statements...well what do you expect?
  13. Wealthy owners can no longer fund clubs under FFP rules, wealthy companies can via sponsorship. Regardless of who owns the club, we would still have a finite amount of money we can spend on players as a result of the size of the club. Premier League football is no longer primarily a sport anymore, its a multinational business empire. Look at Liverpool playing pointless exhibition matches the other side of Europe to keep the TV companies happy.
  14. Villa are in danger of breaking the FFP rules in the Premier League thanks to their wealthy owner. They will have to sell their best players whether they stay up or not, and it looks increasingly likely not. I don't get how so many think having a wealthy owner will solve this problem, it doesn't.
  15. So frustrating, why can we not hold on to leads at home? We need to learn game management at this level fast. We were very good at it last year.
  16. 1985 won the cup but got relegated. Birmingham City also completed this feat.
  17. Good distraction for Villa to have. One game from Wembley. We all remember how distracting that can be.
  18. Greeno is up there. The season we got promoted he was brilliant.
  19. We are a bit of an enigma. We can play toe to toe with the very very best...but struggle against the lesser sides.
  20. The 25-30 million players we have bought will almost certainly want silly money in their contracts too. Its easy to double the transfer fee outlay with the players wages wants.
  21. Yes but once you commit to a new players contract its not just for one year is it? Its three years or more.
  22. Villa have spent a fortune and don't look any more likely to stay up than we do.
  23. Quite simply, we cannot spend what we do not have. The club (and it is just a company like any other) lost £35 million last year. That has to be recovered somehow.
  24. We didn't improve on what we had in the summer. Quite simple really. We are just not good enough to go on a decent run of results.
  25. the only thing that was wrong was that Chambers was still on the pitch at 90 minutes. He committed two or three fouls that warranted a second yellow but the ref bottled them all.
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